Seeing Past It

No barrier is permanent. Most obstacles still allow you to plan for the future. Just because now isn’t the right time doesn’t mean that it never will be. Take all the action you can, to be ready for when the struggle is overcome. When the fence that controls is used to propel and lift. Focus on the goal not the barrier.

Beauty is What We Want

We all want beauty. Beauty in thought. Beauty in action. Beauty in relationships. Hurting others never creates beauty. Hurting others is a sign of ugliness. Sometimes we do things we don’t want. We do it out of ignorance, we do it out of spite, out of carelessness, or even out of desire. The ability to see the bigger picture allows to really pursue what we deep down know we need. If we can focus on the beauty of everything around us, we will be happier.

Best Time

It will never be a good time. There will always be that elusive BETTER time sometime down the road when you are more prepared, more ready, more stable. The problem is, that BETTER time doesn’t exist. While there is no good time, and the BETTER time is a myth. The BEST time is right NOW. Take action now. Don’t wait.

The Choice to Do Right

Every choice we have is a like a fork in the road of life. We can choose to do what we know is right, or we can choose another path. Either way, it is always our choice.

Happy Lucia Birgit has chosen today to be baptized. Love you.


We must have certainty while embracing uncertainty. We must have adventure while embracing stability. We must give love, we must receive love. We must contribute, we must be receive from others.  Live is a story of contrasts that work together in harmony to create fulfillment.

Seeing the Future

Sometimes we think we can’t see the future. But we can. We can create it with the choices we make. When we choose to be with one person, we know that our future is with them. Who they are is the future we are embracing. When we choose to spend our energy doing something, we know that the effort expended will result in that same fruit down the road. Just like we can see the we will be if we follow the light that guides, we can we see the future by who and what we follow.

Patient Influence

Forcing our way into a position might work for the short term, be might love the results. Longer term, consistency and inspirational persuasion has a greater impact. As we focus on the wants of others, nothing needs to be forced. Our influence will be wanted and accepted.

True Reflection

When you think you are something, look in the mirror. The mirror doesn’t hide truth. Reflection is truth, often a truth we don’t want to see. Others can provide this reflection. You can ask yourself questions to find this reflection. However you get it, seek out reflection and then adjust accordingly.