Open Hearts & Free Minds

Most of the problems in the entire world can be solved with open communication, by listening to others, by asking questions, and sharing your thoughts and feelings in return. This type of togetherness creates community and can eliminate loneliness. It will help cure depression. It can slow the pain of anxiety as well. Talking with open hearts frees the mind.

Tell The Truth To Yourself First

Tell the truth – especially when it is painful.  Most of the lies we tell are to ourselves. IF we can learn to tell ourselves the hard to hear truths, then we can start to fulfill our potential. If every day we look in the mirror and acknowledge our infinite worth, accept our flaws, and commit to uplifting others, then our lives will be filled with peace and success. This starts with telling the truth.

Enthusiasm Prevents Worry

As enthusiasm increases, stress and anxiety decrease. Doing what you are genius at, doing what you excel at increases passion and excitement. When you are in the flow state, you do not have the conscious ability to worry or stress. As we work toward creating more peace, more fulfilment, more inclusion, and more community – the passion and enthusiasm we bring to all of our efforts will make everything better, simpler, and more meaningful.

Faith For Courage

It requires faith to act with courage.

Faith is believing in something that you cannot see but is true.

Courage is taking the proper action in the face of fear, grief, or pain.

It is impossible to know what is proper, what is right, or what is correct, without faith.

Knowledge and humility precede all true beliefs.

Knowledge and humility come before all faith.