Growing Courage

Defeat grows courage. Courage is born in the bed of adversity and grown in the house of failure. For out of failure grows our greatest triumphs. Courage always matures as we make the choice to keep doing the right thing, no matter the pain, grief, or fear.

Focused Energy

Enthusiasm without control and direction will cause more harm than good. You can enthusiastically run into a brick wall or you can enthusiastically climb that wall. Either way, the challenge was the same, the energy output was the same, but the results are very different.

Small Things

Everything small is great. Everything great is made up of lots of small pieces. Each small thing is part of something greater. By choosing wisely with the small things, we make our greatness evident. Each tiny moment, every small interaction, adds up to create our complete life. The smallest things always add up to make the biggest impact.

Those Connections We Create

Those whom we connect with are people whose philosophy of life, whose outlook most closely match our own. If you are positive, you will find yourself surrounded by more positive people. If you are ambitious, you will find yourself surrounded by more ambitious people. As we define our true purpose and motivations, our actions and results always show what we are on the inside.

Real Telepathy

Enthusiasm is in reality just telepathy. You are communicating a message directly to someone’s heart and mind without explicitly doing anything but being yourself. No words needed. No writing. No Signs. Just emotion and passion. Enthusiasm is contagious because it is telepathy.

Moral Growth

For any moral issue to have the power to change others, it must be founded first on these four cornerstones: performance, opportunities, people, and integrity. Everything else can build off of those pillars of truth. If the idea is based on results while still focusing on people that have the opportunity to act while being true, then change is possible, then growth is enabled. This is empathy and accountability in action.