Creating Loyalty

There are a few ways to earn loyalty.  The underlying foundation is all about how you make them feel. The first step is to practice empathy, everything becomes easier after that. Treat them how they want to be treated. Give them what they want so you can later give them what they need. The second step is to hold yourself accountable and always take full responsibility.

Overcoming The Pain of Missed Expectations

Our ability to overcome pain and disappointment determines our overall wellbeing. If we are focused on ourselves, we can never be truly happy. Often the only way to overcome something is to embrace what we feel, accept the situation, and keep moving forward anyway. When we focus on the goal – when we focus on others – our ability to endure increases. When we endure we can readjust our expectations and then gain the needed flexibility to create the life we want.

Detached = Free

We are free from everything we disconnect from. Attachment creates the need. When we are detached, we are free. Attach to what is important, attach to that which is true, and light, and good. Detach from negativity, from greed, and from selfishness.