Meaning From Responsibility

Responsibility drives meaning. Being responsible means performing your tasks and contributing to your community, thereby creating a stronger community and cementing your impact. The feeling of contribution is how meaning is formed emotionally, and that comes from first being responsible.

Power In Risks

We only care about failure when the results will cause us to be judged or will hurt others. If we feel empowered, supported, and confident, then those feelings will be reduced. The strength to be imperfect is the power to take risks.

Belonging Creates Courage

Belonging is vital to feeling courage. Belonging eliminates superior and inferior feelings, thus creating an environment that promotes feeling part of a community. The more we feel important, valuable, and part of a community the more confidence we will have. Confidence is a byproduct of feeling courage.

Emotional On Purpose

Every decision is made based on emotion and justified by logic. That is why behavior change cannot be a logical choice, it needs to be emotionally driven. Start with what is powerful, with what works and the logic will find its way to support you. Be emotional on purpose.