Real Dreams

Your location matters. Where you are going matters more. What you have done matters. What you are doing matters more. Choose your destination with your current actions. Choose your life with your decisions. Everyone dreams of a better future, few take the action to create that future. A dream does not reality make. Actions with a definite purpose create the reality of your dreams.

Big Team Players

Being a team player is always beneficial. No matter how big you are. The more you work with your team, the more success you will find. Being bigger means you have more reason to fail, you have a bigger target, and mistakes are even more pronounced. Working with others spreads out the burden. Help others and they will help you. Strive to give and strive to be a team player.

Soul of Creation

The only way to make something last is to put real effort into it. Put your heart and soul into the creation. Create with a purpose so your work can help others. As long as your product is valuable, it will stay relevant. The better the product the more likely it is to last and help other. Solve real problems, do good work, focus on the long-term.

Follow the Leader

Admiring the good that others do can motivate us to do more good. Learning from the masters helps us become masters ourselves. All actions are predicated on thought. Fill your minds with the best thoughts and your actions will follow. Respect the respectable. Follow the leaders. Doing the little things helps us do the big things. Appreciate the greatness of others so you can become a great one yourself. You already are… let other’s see it.


Your questions open the door to real “knowing”. Knowing what the other person dreams, desires, demands. When you know, you can help. When you know you can build connection. When you know you can show love. When you know you can build a better product. The better the questions, the better than conversation. The more you converse, the more you understand, the more you will know.

Find Your Skills

Skill does not come from being the same as everyone. It comes from being yourself. That includes working on your skills when no one else it. It is easy to work on skills with others, it is much harder to do it on your own. The more you get comfortable working when no one else is, the more success you will find where others don’t. Developing expertise is often lonely.

Immense Power

Sacrficing self for others is always worth it when the other values your sacrifice. Your worth is incredible. Your power immense. Let your light shine so others can benefit. Do not waste your light. Help those who want to be helped.

Moving Forward

We are always moving. Sometimes we think we are stuck. If you are stuck, you are really regressing. Change is good as it allows us to pivot. Choose the change, don’t make the change choose you. Choice increases flexibility. Sometimes flexibility can be bad if it stops us from committing. Stay committed to something as long as you are moving forward.

Structural Changes

The structure is bigger than the process. We grow because of change. Change happens when the process is in place. The structure determines how effective the process is. Learn how to change the structure for exponential growth.