Attitude & Reality

Every test we are given is actually just a matter of choice. The test is to see what type of attitude we will choose. Will we be happy or sad, angry or glad?  Every test gives us the chance to choose our attitude and our attitude determines our perspective which determines our own reality.

Brain & Heart

Our hearts know more than our brains. Our brains only have our own experiences and memories. We always listen to our brains. Our hearts contain the truth of God and our souls as well. Our heart speaks, yet we rarely listen. As we focus on our heart we learn to love more, to accept more and to be more. The more we listen to our brain only the more mistakes we make. The best is to listen to your heart and use your brain.

Sharing Stories

Stories help us understand each other. Even if we don’t agree or have different backgrounds, we all can understand someone else’s story. Share your story. Listen to the stories of others. The stories we share create relationships built on understanding that can overcome any obstacle, any gap, any distance.

Be Yourself

Real individuality is being yourself. It has nothing to do with being different from anyone else. Comparison is the thief of joy. Be yourself, not someone different than someone else.