Magnify Truth

Your self-esteem determines your current state. You cannot gain self-esteem from others and make it permanent. Don’t solve or justify your self-esteem. Insecurity and possessiveness are signs of low self-esteem – the fruits of denying who you really are. Instead: accept truth and magnify truth. 


Justification is about self-preservation. Justification is short-term. Justification is weakness self-evident. Justification proves low self-esteem. Love cures the false need for justification. Validation prevents the desire for justification. Caring for others helps avoid justification from those you love.

Lies of Blame

Blame is a lie. All blame is wrong. We can hold people responsible, but not blame – all blame is based on feelings and character flaws. None of us are perfect, therefore we cannot blame. When we focus on helping others and seeing them for who they are, the blame is erased.