Live Outside

We can’t grow unless we are willing to live outside of our current circle. That means expanding our current circle of capabilities, expanding our current circle of friends,¬†expanding our current circle of ideas,¬†expanding our current circle of actions — as we decide to expand we can build for a better future.

The Greatest Virtue

Courage is the most important virtue, the most needed characteristic. With courage you can everything else, you can accomplish anything, every important aspect of your life becomes better. Courage is always brave, yet bravery is not always courageous. Bravery is facing your fears. Courage is doing the right thing or taking the proper action in the face of fear, pain, or grief.

If you show courage you are by definition doing the right thing — integrity, honesty, humility, hard work, kindness, etc. would all fall under doing the right thing.

Courage is how you help other people. Courage is how you help yourself.

Delayed Reactions

Our minds always jump to conclusions. The quick solution, the easy conclusion, is not always the best possible outcome. The trick top stop from jumping to conclusions is to delay your response. Delayed responses allow for all of your intuition, experience, education, logic, and commonsense time to interact, marinate, and form a better reaction.