Perceived Strength

Every social structure ever created is fragile, is brittle, and is weak. It has perceived strength, but can be broken in an instant. All it takes is for good people to act with courage and do the right thing and every social structure that is bad will break or if it is good, it will grow stronger. The opposite is also true. If the bad intentions and selfish actions are the norms, then good structures will evaporate and bad ones will rise. Perception is everything. We see what we do – individually and as a group.

Judge Not Is Hard

While we should never judge, especially appearances – we know that packaging is important. How something or someone is presented to us influences our initial thoughts and reactions. Since we know that to be true, we need to adjust accordingly based on how we want others to feel.

If Worried: Write

Writing (as proven by science) improves mental health, reduces anxiety, boosts immunity, and helps eliminate uncertainty from our worried minds.

What should you write about?

  • Your worries.
  • Your fears.
  • The past.
  • Your hopes.
  • Your goals.
  • The future.
  • Who you love.
  • Why you love them.
  • …and most important: write down what you are thankful for.

Your Self-Perception

Your perception of yourself always determines your actions.

Your self-image is what controls your actions.

Your beliefs, values, and faith help to decide how you perceive yourself.

If they are aligned with truth, then you will be able to accomplish your purpose.

Beliefs+Values+Faith all come from within.

When you listen to outside voices, to other people’s opinions, your self-image can be corrupted and won’t be aligned with truth.