The Truth

To follow the truth, we must know the truth. This takes work and practice. Once we have searched and understood, we can follow the truth.

Truth doesn’t change. Theories change. Science changes. Ideas change. Truth doesn’t. Follow truth.

To find truth, we must first be humble enough to accept it. Losing your ego is the first step to finding truth.

Confidence Leads To Better Decisions

When you are confident you understand the difference between wants and needs. When you are insecure everything you want feels like a need. Confidence enables growth because you are able to make decisions that are based on reality and clarity. A lack of confidence creates confusion and despair. To build confidence find courage. Take action, do more, repeat. Confidence comes from doing. Doing the right thing is courage (even when you are scared, afraid, suffering, and hurting).

Focus on your needs first, then focus on the needs of others. Once your needs are met, you can begin to attain what you want and help others do the same.

Lonely & Alone

You are not supposed to be alone.

You are not supposed to lonely.

They are not the same.

They are both choices that can be solved with dedicated effort.

We can help others avoid loneliness and being alone through encouragement, support, and connection.

To create love…

When you are helpful, you create more helpfulness. Helpfulness creates more love.

When you are kind, you create more kindness. Kindness creates more love.

When you are holy, you create more holiness. Holiness creates more love.