Different Journey, Same Path

The same journey is never the same journey. If you keep looking for new lessons, you will learn something new. We take for granted the simple things in life. We underestimate the power of each sunrise, flower, rock, and tree. We devalue the love of those we are closest to. The more we learn to appreciate, the more we will learn, and the more our journey will be enriched.

We All Break

We are all fragile. We are all breakable. Different things break different people. Do not judge others because they are broken by something that wouldn’t break you. Just like the game we all used to play “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, each person is strong and each person is weak. Focus on the strengths and help those around you to not break.

Anger Management

Anger spent on others is wasted. Anger spent on bettering yourself is useful. Learn to harness your anger to create positive change. Flip the anger from fear and pain to one of change and motivation and choose to show love along the way. Each thought begets more similar thoughts.

Choose Hope

Our life is determined by our choices. What we believe determines how we decide. Hard choices are part of life. Not choosing is a choice. Life is always worse when we decide not to choose. Choices create reality. Reality can be magical if we choose to believe and have hope. Hopelessness is a choice. The more we choose to believe and act with hope, the more our actions will match and thus create the reality that we desire.

Getting Stronger

Your strength is stronger the more you test it. The only time it breaks is when you stop using it. Then it becomes brittle and you can crack, the more you exercise your ability to choose, your ability to keep pressing on the more strength you will find. Strength is earned through repeated action and you can have continual growth if you keep moving.

More Beautiful

The beauty of life is all around you. Everything has beauty. When you start to recognize beauty, your ability to see more beauty increases. Your senses expand and your perspective widens. Beauty creates. Beauty enlivens. Search for beauty and appreciate beauty and your will find it, your life will become more beautiful.

Perfection Eliminates Your Options

Nothing is perfect. Yet, we beat ourselves up for not being being perfect. Expecting perfection from yourself only hurts your journey. When you begin to accept life gets so much better. When you stop criticizing yourself, the path to progress is so much more fruitful. All the doors become open when you allow the possibility of choice instead of only choosing perfection.


Work is more than enough. Working is better than any other alternative. Cherish the ability to provide good work. The better work you do, the more you can help others. Helping others matters more than anything else. As you labor for yourself, and you labor for your family, you also labor for them.

Power Thoughts

The only power someone has over your mind is the power you give them. You are in ultimate control since you are the owner, controller, and only participant inside your thoughts. What you let in is important, who you let in is more important. You have complete power over your thoughts.