Goal of Belief

Be careful with what you believe. For, what you believe becomes your reality, even if it is not true. The wrong belief can have you living in a false world, in false relationships, and chasing false dreams. Work harder to learn what to believe. The goal of belief is to create faith.

True Power Is Created

True strength comes from helping others, from being honest, from following your values, and from working hard.

As we serve, live with integrity, obey truth, and overcome apathy we will fulfill our potential and gain strength every day.


Happy Birthday, Luke!

The Truth of Lies

The truth eventually outlives the lie.

That is because the truth is real, it exists, it doesn’t change.

Lies need to be “created” and everything born will die.

When belief is built on a lie, it never becomes faith.

All hope built on a lie will eventually become a loss.

Prepare To Erase Confusion

Wisdom and clarity feed off each other.

Clarity is the opposite of confusion.

Confusion is a sign. It means that more discussion is needed. It means that needed planning or preparation has not yet taken place. Confusion means that desired outcomes are not aligned with current actions. Ask better questions to prepare for better conversations to reduce confusion.

The Partner Role

The role of a partner, of someone you trust, is to share what needs to be shared. Not what is nice to hear, not just what is positive, but everything you need to hear. That includes things you might not notice or things you might be in denial about. The best partners are dedicated to sharing what is needed, both good and bad.