Where To Look If You Are Searching

You will never find it outside of yourself. You can search across faraway lands and oceans, you can go high or low, you can look for it in others or try to find it with status and achievement, but you will never find it outside of yourself. To find it, it must come from within. What you want and need is already within you. You are enough. Happiness can be found, just not if you search for it outside of yourself.

Be Useful To Stop Overthinking

Overthinking causes anxiety. Not the other way around. Control your thinking and you can begin to control anxiety, fear, worry, and sadness. The best way to overcome the trap you set for yourself by overthinking is in the service of others. Second, learn something new (physical, reading, writing, etc.). Third, do the tasks that you know you must do. In all three of those solutions, you are becoming more useful.

Pain Always Lessens & Gives Lessons

While painful experiences, setbacks, failures, betrayals, and dishonesty hurt, they hurt less over time. With perspective, you realize that you can overcome anything. There are two ways to gain perspective. They both work, one just works faster.  The only way to get perspective is through the passage of time or to be conscious of your thoughts, entirely present in the moment.

Your Journey

Everyone is on a different journey. Everyone has different experiences. Do not compare your life to anyone else’s. Your journey is about you and your ability to overcome, not anything else anyone else has to do. Who you are meant to be will become manifest when you take ownership for your own life and live the way you know you were meant to live. Own your journey and do not worry about anything else.

Your Reality

The opinions of others should not define your reality. Your thoughts create your own version reality when you rely on the th0ughts of others you are giving away your own vision, your own power, your own life. Your life is what you create, do not let others steal your joy.

Can’t Change The Past

The past cannot be changed. Most sadness, despair, and regret come from thinking about the past. Since the past cannot be changed and we do not have control over the future, the only thing we can do is make the most of the present. Staying conscious of the here and now will create the most happiness and fulfillment in our lives. As we focus on today, and the moment, we can do the things that we know we should – like serving others, like learning, like developing new skills, like strengthening a relationship. Focusing on right now always creates a better future.

Ignore Sabotage

Sabotage comes in many forms. Internal and external. Rather than worrying about it and then defending against it, focus on being prepared for your own personal future by taking proper action right now. Then as things change, adapt with them, never stopping, never worrying, just moving. When you focus on what you can do, whatever else happens is not as important or impactful.