Change Yourself First

Nothing is going to change. You just need to change. If you change, it will all change. Take personal responsibility. You can’t change the circumstances; you can only change yourself. No one else can change your life. Reap the harvest without complaint. Take full responsibility for everything you do.  You can determine your value.

You Should Write

Write down what you do, keep a written record, a journal. By keeping a written record of your life you are keeping yourself accountable. Learn from your valuable experiences, all your experiences are valuable. When you write down a problem, you magically find ways to solve it. Solutions have space to form when you write down the problem.

Active Patience

Active Patience is the one skill that we all need more of.  Active patience has nothing to do with waiting, and everything to do with preparing. It is the ability to quiet your mind while you take massive action. Active Patience allows you to get ready, to do work, to hone your skills, while you know that the best is yet to come.

Remove Choices

Create successful situations by removing all negative options. Use your agency to eliminate bad choices. When you have no choice but to make the right choice, then the right choice will be made. Your agency is still in tact, it was just used earlier in the process. This way you can focus on becoming who you want to become.