For Our Good

Whatever happens to us can be turned into a positive experience. Not everything needs to be embraced fully, but everything needs to be learned from and allowed to teach us. The lessons are all around us if we are willing to learn and then do.

The Real Obstacle

The first thing to realize is that no one is perfect, no one is 100% authentic all the time. Everyone falls prey to the temptation of self-deception. The key is growth and improvement, not perfection… and that takes humility. The real obstacle is pride, selfishness, and ego in all of their ugly forms.

Do To Learn

We learn by doing, by experience. We never learn anything by listening to a  command. We learn by obeying the command. We can learn by reading, only if we internalize and experience the lives of the characters and then turn that into action. All true learning is experiential. You must do to become. Do not tell others what to do, help them do it.

What We Need

We don’t always know why – we don’t always have every answer. Yet, life will guide us to where we need to go and that is part of the human experience, to take what we have, take who we are, and then make the absolute best of the situation. When we take good from every experience and learn the important lessons we are gifted, our life takes on a different meaning, and more connected existence is created.


Pay attention to the signs that you are given. People’s words and actions are signs of who they really are. When you focus on the signs, we will understand the message. Stay close to those who signal that they can be trusted and value you.