Honor Truth

Just because we have truth, it doesn’t mean there isn’t more truth available. Truth is endless. Truth is eternal. When you find light, when you discover truth: celebrate. Then honor the truth by searching for even more truth.

Try To Know You Are Wrong

Searching for wisdom means you will know you are wrong.

Searching for truth means you will know you are wrong.

Knowing you are wrong is wonderful, it means you are growing and learning.

Only the ones who have stopped progressing know everything.

Being wrong is easy. Knowing you are wrong takes humility.

Perfect Love

Life isn’t perfect. People are not perfect.

We act with malice and envy. We act with anger and resentment. We show fear and give in to temptation.

Life is beautiful. People are beautiful.

We create and inspire. We serve and support. We love and laugh.

While life may not be perfect, we can feel perfect love.

Need What You Give

You are unique. There isn’t anyone else out there that can deliver what you do. Find the people that value you and stay near them. Don’t waste time focusing on the people that don’t see your worth. Spend your time with the ones who need and want what you give.