Focus On What You Control

Someone is always out to get you, out to take your spot. The hidden truth is that it doesn’t matter. You cannot control others. The only thing you can control is your response and action. Focus on being the best version of yourself by helping the best way you can and do not worry about what others are doing. Focus only on what you can control, not on others.

Who We Are

The law of the universe is that what we are is what we find, become, and attract. What (who) is in our life is there because of who we are and what we do. Maybe it is because we are able to deal with it, maybe it is because we are supposed to learn from it, maybe it is because we need it to help us. No matter the reason, everything, and everyone is part of our life because of what and who we are.

Simple, But Not Easy

The only thing that stops you from realizing your potential is inaction. Inaction is caused by fear. Fear of work, fear of what is possible, fear of others, fear of failure, fear of change. Overcome fear through action and your dreams will always come true.

The Fog

We all go through the fog. The mindset of not taking action, not doing what we are supposed to do, not doing what we are meant to do. This fog is anti-growth, anti-performance. This fog is a form of resistance. This resistance comes when we are about to do the work that will create our freedom, the work that will unleash our potential. The trick is to get through the fog, to keep pushing even when you are not ready, even when you are scared.

What Faith Does

You can believe anything you want. Anything. Faith is special though, faith is different. Faith is believing in something that is true. Faith sets you free. If you believe something that is not true, it is not faith. Your belief and actions determine your outcomes. Faith combined with courage creates ultimate success.