Prove It With Care

The more you care, the better your creations will be. What you care about is always proven in your actions. If you want to create a masterpiece, then care more. If you want to serve others, then care more. If you want to influence others, then care more.

Accountability Not Blame

If you hold yourself accountable, you will always find a way to accomplish your purpose. Blame creates guilt or creates excuses. Blame is about regret, blame is about the past, blame is wrong. Blame is not accountability.  Accountability is when the standard is set you the commitment is made sure and short term obstacles and challenges do not alter the long-term goal. Accountability means taking ownership for your own actions and then focusing on the future.

Where We Need To Be

True empathy exists, but not by us. God is the only one with the power to know and experience what we have gone through. For all of us, we must practice empathy. We must try to understand others, try to put ourselves in their shoes. Shared experiences help. The act of wanting to know, wanting to understand is the act of practicing empathy. Once we have the desire to have empathy, then we are already where we need to be.

Benefits of Courage

When you act with courage you are happier. Courage creates confidence even though to act in courage you first must face fear or grief or pain. Courage brings passion and energy. With courage we also become more capable, we are able to care more, to give more, and want to see others succeed as well. With courage, we are more creative. Courage helps us to be better and do better.

Love Magnifies

The difference between being good vs. being great always comes down to the person who cares the most. That care is driven by love. All your skills and abilities are magnified if you love the people you are serving and helping.

Peace Comes After We Let Go

Letting go of anger allows us to experience peace, comfort, joy, gratitude, and positive energy. As we break the bands of contention and pride, our anger will leave and our hearts can be healed. Anger hurts us mentally and physically. Once we allow our anger to leave by not holding on to it, we can experience gratitude which then kickstarts every other positive emotion, including love.

Learn To Change

Learning without change is pointless and worse it is also wasteful. If learning does not bring about change, no real learning is taking place. If the change you are making is not one you are happy with, learn something else. Change what you learn and you will change your life.

Search For Hope

If we understand who we are, we will search out those things that are uplifting and positive. Letting go of negative beliefs helps us embrace the power of hope. When we hope for the right things our actions will match our beliefs and our new futures will be created.