Attitude Rules

Our attitude(s) determine more about our results than anything else. Our opportunities are created from our belief and confidence in what is possible. Our attitudes build our behaviors and our actions form our results.

Discipline = FreedomĀ 

The best leaders help others maintain discipline through encouragement and accountability.

We are disciplined we feel worthwhile, we feel needed, we feel productive. Discipline opens doors and creates options.

The lack of discipline means we have to follow the rules of others, discipline allows us to set our own course.

The Wheel of Love

The more love you feel, the more love you can give. The more love you give, the more love you feel. The cycle is real. The wheels turn the gears. You can start anywhere along the way and drive massive change with just a little love.

Negativity Not Needed

Being negative is not a sign of being realistic. It is just a sign that you are negative. Realistic thinking is helpful, it helps in the transition to powerful thinking. Powerful thinking is based on being neutral about the past, being grateful for the present, and hopeful for the future.


Hope is the most powerful tool for fighting sadness and apathy. As we are hopeful, we cannot be helpless. The more hope we have the better we feel. As we learn to cultivate hope, our faith increases. Faith kills fear. Hope helps us find success. Hope helps us fulfill our potential.

Breaking Limits

Our limitations are ours. They are not anyone else’s. If we change our focus, we can adjust our limits. As we choose our destiny, we can throw away the false boundaries we have accepted and then adopt new horizons. Our potential, just like our limits, our ours alone. We choose them, we create them, and we can break them.