False Needs

The ego provides illusions. Unless we are actively searching to identify these illusions, we will not notice them. Ego creates false needs, these false needs are illusions. The ego also creates misinterpretations of the actions of others based on the main false need to be validated. When we let go of the ego, we can find the illusions that have been hurting our growth. Once we find them, we can eliminate them. The first step to eliminating false needs is to stop believing the need is real. When we deny the need we reject the power that the need pretends to hold over us.

Positive People

Positive people are peacemakers, they unite others. Positive people are leaders because others want to be like them and trust them. If you are positive you increase your chance to help others. You increase your potential. You increase your own personal joy.

Build Trust & Courage

Connecting with people 1-on-1 is the key to successful relationships. Real relationships need personalized time together. Something that groups cannot offer. When you build deeper connections strong, resilient trust is created. With trust comes courage. Relationships need each side to display courage to succeed.

Believe In Them

The real difference between achieving your potential and coming up short is belief.  You need to believe in yourself. More importantly, though is to believe in others. If others feel inspired and motivated because of your presence, you will always be welcome, you will always be wanted and your potential will be maximized. When you look at people (including yourself) through the lens of ability rather than limitations you will be able to create breakthroughs in everyone’s performance. When you believe in someone you are showing trust. Trust creates security and power. We all perform better when others believe in us more than we initially believe in ourselves, we rise to that belief. Belief can turn into faith as the skills, desire, and passion increase.

Feel Better

Becoming more of who you really are is the way you get better. You don’t get better by trying to be something you are not. You don’t get better by diminishing your light. Share your abilities, share your passion, and watch yourself grow. The more you embrace yourself, the better you will become and the better you will feel.

Live, More

Living means to have ideas, opinions, feelings, thoughts, and emotions. When you don’t feel, you don’t truly live. Living includes the good and the bad. Accept both but only embrace what you want more of. As our focus changes from denial to acceptance to love, we find we are stronger than we think and life is better than we thought.