Shouldn’t Fight Alone

Sometimes we forget that everyone has a battle that they are facing that we know nothing about. It doesn’t matter how big it is, if it is important to them, it should be important to us. That is what makes us human. The ability to have empathy and work together to overcome massive obstacles. Together we can do more than alone. Let’s find ways to get together more. When we are together we can unite and fight the each other’s battles. When we share our heavy burdens, they become exponentially easier to lift.

Trust Broken Can Be Repaired, Sometimes

There are many ways to develop trust. When intent is aligned, trust is created. Trust is built on the foundation of communication, ability, and integrity. As we learn to trust each other, we can help each other more. Trust is easily broken. The best way to fix trust issues is to take positive action and look people in the eye and tell them you will make it right. Show gratitude for their trust even before you have earned it back and then work like crazy to never loose it again. Build trust by being honest and taking proper action.

Own Your Journey

We often want what others want us to want even though we don’t really want it. Wanting without action is a waste. Waste in thought, waste in time, waste in potential. The difference between wanting what others want and wanting what we really want is the feeling we have while pursuing what we want. If we are happy, and satisfied and content then what we are pursuing is real, it is authentic. If the journey is not fulfilling, then the destination is not ours.

Common Understanding

Two people looking at the same thing can see different things. They can experience different emotions and can make different memories. Connection is about coming together. The more we connect with others, the better our results will be. Instead of assuming what others think and feel. Ask. Ask good questions, then as follow-up questions. Learn and listen so you can create a common understanding.

Narrow & Far

When we understand who we are we are less likely to try and become something we shouldn’t be. While our potential is unlimited, each person is meant for individual greatness. That greatness is born from using our strengths to the fullest. As we focus on what we can contribute the opinions of others will matter less and less. Our focus needs to be narrow while our view needs to be far.

Victors Can’t Find Excuses

Victims and victors are not very different. They have trials. They get hurt. They struggle. The difference is in how they perceive the situations they face. Victims find ways to place blame. Victors take responsibility. As we train our brains to find solutions and create personal accountability, victory comes easier.

Consume Wisely

Everything we consume becomes part of who we are. Are we becoming better? Every thought we think guides every action we take. Are we heading in the right direction. By filling our minds with positive material we are creating positive thoughts which will lead to positive actions. Consume wisely.

Seeing Value

Everyone can see what is in front of them, if they look. What if you don’t look? Can you still see it? Looking at what you expect to see is easy, it is much harder to anticipate something you don’t plan for. Learn from others. Take time to listen. Other people and different lenses and can share different experiences. You do too. Know your value while appreciating the value of others.