Transfer of Emotion

Your emotions become the emotions of the people you connect with. They FEEL you. When you are excited, they will be excited, when you are happy, they will be happy. When you are sad or discouraged, they will feel that too. Emotions are very transferable. What are you transferring? Create the emotion in yourself that you want those you are in contact with to have. If you want someone to be happy, you must be happy first. As you control your own emotions, you can help others with theirs.

Journey Together

When we choose to devote our energy to the improvement of others we will fulfill our potential. Our journey is measured by the amount of people we help. Helping others fulfills us. We will be satisfied. Making the journey together is always better than making it alone. Help others along the way.

Ideas Strike

Ideas are like lightening. You know they are coming, you just don’t know exactly when or where. Be prepared by having something the write them down. Your phone works. Write down your ideas, especially the “random” ones. Those ideas are given as a gift and you should use them. Think about them, find ways to turn your ideas into reality.


Guidance is the ability to share the map while letting them still forge the path. The more people we help by giving them proper guidance, the more we feel fulfilled. The more people we help by showing them the way, the more likely they are to fulfill their own potential. As we serve and help others remember that we are all searching and longing for guidance. Give your experience to others, let them create their own experience along the way.

Winners Compare Correctly

Comparisons can help us win and they can help us loose. When we compare ourselves to others we loose. We when we compare ourselves to our own potential we win. Winners work on making themselves better and do not worry about others. Focus on the right metrics and winning will come.


Your heritage doesn’t make you. It created your foundation, the good thing is every foundation can be built upon. Just like with a building, once the foundation is laid, you still need to build the walls, the roof, the appearance, the structure. We are the same. While the foundation is set, the way we are built is up to us.

Greater Peace

You don’t need to be alone to find peace. If you need to find peace, search inside yourself. You have the ability to search inside to reach outside. Peace comes from knowing what you are is in sync with what you think and do. If they are not aligned, your ability to change your thought process is what allows you to overcome mental obstacles to find┬áthe peace you need. That peace while searched from within, is from above, from a greater source of truth and knowledge, and is available to all.

Make Better

Making something is about creation. Creation takes time. Making something is about resourcefulness. Resources arranged properly is always better than unlimited resources. When we turn what we have into something new, we are creators, we are makers. As we work hard to make more, we can perfect our craft. Instead of just making more, we can make better. Better things, better relationships, better outcomes.

Share Both Ways

Those who give think they are not selfish. Selfishness is not just about not sharing. If you do not let others share with you, help you, and serve you then you are being selfish. You are depriving others of the opportunity to share and serve.