Your circumstance is not a fence – situations are not fences.

The truth of your greatness is suffering to be shared.

Open your heart and let your actions follow its lead.

Acknowledge your power and your potential is possible.


Stuff Changes

Everything in life is fragile. Love, trust, pain, sorrow will all grow and fade, they will come and go, everything changes. Accept change and be grateful for all of it. When you are thankful for the moment you have, when you appreciate your experiences, your life’s meaning will become manifest.

Brave Enough

Life gives to those who are willing to receive. To receive you have to be adaptable. When you are flexible you let everyone know you are not prideful, that you are humble enough to accept what is and make the best of every situation. Once that is known, your life improves and you receive what you need and more. To say no to what you want for what is right requires courage, and that bravery is always rewarded. To accept what you are given shows true trust and humility.

Finding Real Truth

Questions can drive truth and understanding if they are formed from the foundation of seeking and true intent. Questions built on doubt never get good answers and never lead you to truth. You can always tear down with doubt, but you can never build up. When we want to find truth – we will, if we focus on knowledge and staying humble – all we need to do is search for it at the source.

Endless Support

Those who guide you, give of themselves, and care for you are those who truly love you. Often our pride gets in the way of letting those who love us the most into our lives. The heart is proven by action. The intent is always manifest and visible. You can always know what others think by how you feel.

Happy Birthday, Geromy, your endless support always drives me. Thank you.