Showing Your Care

When you know someone cares, nothing else matters. Nothing they do is too bad, nothing they do is too wrong. Caring about others solve most of the world’s relationship problems. Learning to care is important. Learning to SHOW that you care is just as important. Show your care and your entire world will become better.

Creating Hope

Hope isn’t created out of thin air. Hope is the air. Hope doesn’t magically appear. Hope is magic. Hope isn’t everything working correctly. Hope is the possibility of everything working. We can all create more hope by helping others find success. The more we encourage others, the more hope we will find.

Feeding Memories

Your memory never equals the experience. Sometimes it is better. Sometimes it is worse. The memory we feed is the memory that stays strong. All of our clients have memories. All of our colleagues have memories. Every person we interact with has a memory. Help them feed the right memories. Give them something to remember and then help they keep remembering it.

Consistent Singles

Steady growth wins. Sometimes hitting home runs works, and they are always needed. Grand Slams don’t happen enough to be relied on though. It is not just about ability with grand slams, the conditions need to be perfect as well. When you can’t control the conditions you can only control your actions. Singles and doubles will always more than sufficient. Focus on the little actions that will produce consistent results, sometimes you will create some amazing results and you can combine those big and small wins to create something extremely valuable.

Seeing Past It

No barrier is permanent. Most obstacles still allow you to plan for the future. Just because now isn’t the right time doesn’t mean that it never will be. Take all the action you can, to be ready for when the struggle is overcome. When the fence that controls is used to propel and lift. Focus on the goal not the barrier.

Beauty is What We Want

We all want beauty. Beauty in thought. Beauty in action. Beauty in relationships. Hurting others never creates beauty. Hurting others is a sign of ugliness. Sometimes we do things we don’t want. We do it out of ignorance, we do it out of spite, out of carelessness, or even out of desire. The ability to see the bigger picture allows to really pursue what we deep down know we need. If we can focus on the beauty of everything around us, we will be happier.

Best Time

It will never be a good time. There will always be that elusive BETTER time sometime down the road when you are more prepared, more ready, more stable. The problem is, that BETTER time doesn’t exist. While there is no good time, and the BETTER time is a myth. The BEST time is right NOW. Take action now. Don’t wait.