Emotional Redirection

Don’t try to block or limit your emotions. Just redirect them, like jiu-jitsu. Use their power to help you. Thoughts create emotions. Emotions can create commitment if directed in the right way. Use your emotions to commit to your desired future. Then make a plan and take action.

Replenish That Gift

As you prove accountable, you develop more control. Control gives us the freedom to choose what we do and how good we become. When we have control, we can become experts, masters, and people of purpose. We can choose to help others, we can choose to serve and support. The ability to have a choice is a gift and that gift is replenished with accountable actions.

Do or Die

Sometimes you need to become the best, you need to become excellent, you need to level up. There is no such thing as a “fairly decent brain surgeon” or “not-bad lion tamer” in some situations either ‘you do’ or ‘you’re dead.’

To Help, Ask

If someone is mad, or sad, or angry, or frustrated there is no need to confront the exact problem head-on. First, help them label their feelings. Second, ask them what exactly they want you to do. Remember, it is about them, not you.

Personal Success

Success is defined is many ways, each one is personal. No matter how it is defined, it must include living your true purpose. Your values aligned with your goals combined with action is how you live your purpose. When you live your purpose you enjoy the journey, achieve more, and matter to others. Enjoyment is more real and longer-lasting than happiness. Winning is temporary, but achievement is eternal. When you help others, you begin to count, you begin to be significant, the more you impact others the more you matter to them.


If your appetite for growth is insatiable, you will always be levelling up.¬† If your appetites are aligned with your values and goals, you will always be the kind of person that creates success. If you can’t ever get enough, you will always be more than enough.