The only way to grow and fulfill our potential is to stop pretending we are victims. If you claim to be a victim it means you are powerless. Some people are victims, most are not though. We almost always have a choice. Victimhood is a habit, and therefore can be changed. As a victim you cannot progress because you’re constantly living in the past, blaming others for what happened. It is the opposite of acceptance and gratitude. If we are complaining – we are playing the victim. If we are blaming – we are playing the victim. If we feel our future is determined by the past actions of others – we are playing the victim. In reality, you might be a victim – once your mind accepts that idea though, you have already lost.

Confidence in Action

Self-confidence in action is what will always be responsible for the turning points and positive results of your life. The world generally accepts what you truly believe about yourself. When you are sure of your desire and ability, you will master the actions that lead to the proper outcomes. It is about resilience and positive thinking. It is about gratitude and commitment. When you train your mind the right way, the strength of your mental fortitude will enable your future success.

Be You

Listen to those who uplift you and help encourage you. Surround yourself with the right people while doing the right things. Don’t deny yourself who you really are. Do the things that bring you peace and fulfillment.

Gratitude Sustains

Gratitude has more staying power, more endurance than selfishness. One little comment, one small note, one thoughtful prayer can sustain you for the entire day, week, month. While your selfishness constantly needs to be replenished – every minute you need to keep thinking and acting to in a way that fuels your justification.  Whatever seed you feed grows.

About Over Compare

Your journey is yours. So it doesn’t do any good to compare yourself to others. What does do you tons of good is thinking about others – thinking about what they need, what they want, and how you can help them. As you think about others you will take better actions, and better actions lead to better results.  Whether you are comparing or thinking about the ingredients are the same: you, your actions, and other people. The difference is in how you put them together and the meaning you apply to every interaction.