Commit To A Purpose

If you are committed to a purpose, it will happen. Nothing can stop commitment to a purpose.

Not a commitment to a person. That is not for you to control.

Not a commitment to the choices of another. That is not for you to control.

Not a commitment to exact results. That is not for you to control.

Your commitment must be to a purpose – the purpose could be love, or usefulness, or encouragement, or support, or service.

Whatever your purpose, commit to it and it will happen.

Gaining Energy

When your energy is low, your passion will also be low. When your energy is low, your relationships will suffer. You forget to dream, your forget to hope. When you have low energy you don’t achieve your potential. To find more energy, mentally and physically engage in your life, in the actions that create your day. Engage and be present and your energy will rise.

Important Work

The work you do is important. Work is important for you, work is important for those you serve. No matter the work, it is important – as long as it is your best work. Doing competent and skillful work is service. Focused work helps you avoid thinking about yourself as you are committed to an objective outside of yourself. Work is a blessing, embrace it.

Support Other Relationships

Relationships are tricky. Yet they don’t have to be.

Typically there are two main perspectives with two additional ways to apply that perspective.

Only one option makes sense.

You can either be self-centered or other-centered.

Self-centered is either ego-driven or victim driven.

Other-driven is either manipulative or supportive.

Your choice. (hint: be supportive)

We Prove It

How we spend our time proves it…

Our behaviors prove it…

Our results prove it…

The way we spend our time, our behaviors and our results prove our commitment.

We always do what are committed too. If we are not committed, our actions and results will show it.

It is not about what we say, it is about what we do and how we do it.