As a single mother of 6, she struggled to be everything at all times for her children. One of her boys was a troublemaker. He was always fighting, arguing, and causing problems for everyone, everywhere. She saw something better, she saw deeper. She decided to follow her intuition and personal insights. When he turned 5 she stopped calling him by name. She started calling him “my little peacemaker”. The boy started to change. He acted according to his new label. This man now believes it his mission in life to help reduce conflict, to create peace in others. He feels that he has believed this his entire life, and so he tries to live his mission. Imagine, the POWER of labels! Imagine, who we can influence and HELP just by changing expectations. We choose our expectations of others. The BEST LEADERS create expectations that enable the greatest possible outcome for everyone. I am THANKFUL every day that my mother labeled me as her little peacemaker.  Happy Birthday Mom. Love You. 

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