The Power of Commitment

Commitment overpowers everything. It surrounds you and runs through your veins. When you are committed, everyone knows. When you are committed, nothing gets in your way. Commitment doesn’t understand setbacks, it just keeps searching until it finds what it is looking for. You always get what you are committed to, what you tolerate. Commit and make your magic.

Finding Freedom

Of of the most ultimate gifts – you can give others in this life – is helping people to acquire more freedom. Truth brings freedom. Self-sufficiency brings freedom. Health brings freedom. Just laws allow room for freedom. When they are free they can pursue what brings them joy, they can pursue meaningful relationships, and they can serve others. Serving and empowering others is the best way you can help others find freedom.

Being Different

Just being different is not a strategy. Knowing what differences are important is the first step. Defining the actions it takes to be different is another step. Taking proper action is another step. Then sharing with others those actions is the final step. Be different, don’t just talk differences.

Discipline Creates Options

You never have to be the same after today. A few simple disciplines practiced every day create new growth, new opportunities. Eliminate errors by creating discipline. You can start a new process for your life today. Create new habits but focusing on being more disciplined. The more discipline you have, the more options you create.

Erase & Eliminate

Total responsibility only exists when you erase all blame and when you eliminate all excuses. Regardless of the negative experiences, the bad circumstances, true responsibility is the only way to overcome all obstacles and live to your true potential.