Actions Match Belief

If you want to be more confident, look inward. Confidence is a belief in an outcome, and therefore is an emotion put into action. When you believe in something, your actions match that belief. Telling yourself the truth helps define your beliefs. Beliefs can change, truth doesn’t. Truth is constant. Confidence is based on belief, not on truth. Tell yourself the story you want to become reality and your belief will adjust and your actions will create the desired result.



What We Will Be

Instead of questioning who we are, we should only question what to we want to become. Who we are focuses on the past, of which we have zero control over. Since we can only focus on the now and the future, the better questions are about current actions. What actions can I take today that will lead me to my goals? As we focus what we want our confidence will increase. Confidence decreases as we focus on what we are not. By working toward a destination, we can visualize that destination, if the image is real in our minds, we will begin to act in a way that makes the reality come true. Actions can’t be divided. Actions are driven by thought, therefore our thoughts must be focused on what we want rather than on missed chances.

Hidden Driver

While the foundation of achievement is belief, the pillars are built on discipline. The discipline it takes to do something when it gets hard. It takes discipline to follow a set of plans to build a building. It takes discipline to dig a hole to find a well. It takes discipline to milk cows, or plant and harvest, or write a letter, or program a line of code, or paint the walls, or clean the yard, or say thank you to a stranger. Discipline is the hidden driver of all achievement.

We Must Believe

We must believe in all the possibilities. Then we must believe that those possibilities are just as much for ourselves as they are for others. We must believe that we can have a better tomorrow by working harder today. We must believe in ourselves. We can learn any skill we need. We can understand any discipline. We can read. We can ask questions. We can do what it takes.

To Get More Be More

To gain more than you currently have, you need to become more than you currently are. This true principle is the foundation of growth. To gain more patience you need to change your focus to others rather than on yourself. To gain more kindness, we need to act more kind. To gain more awareness, we need to become slower in action and deeper in thought. Gaining anything requires change. We control the direction of that change. We are not water that only takes the easiest path, but we can be like water when we need to be flexible, but firm like the mountains when challenges surround us. The amazing ability to adapt by controlling our thought process is what allows to become who we want to become and achieve what we want to achieve.

Focus on Your Moment

While things happen all around us, the moment we are currently in is the only one we need to worry about. Everything around is in a constant state of flux, changing, moving, adapting. Yet, we hardly notice. If we can’t control it, we shouldn’t let it control us. Sadly, we do though. We let things control our minds by distracting us from what we really should be thinking about. Distraction kills happiness. True happiness comes from doing things well and focusing on what you are currently doing so you can do it well.

Grow More

The result of good ingredients, when mixed properly, is good products. The only to way to mix properly is to know how. That ability comes with time and attention to growth. As we focus on improving ourselves, the results take care of themselves. If we want to deliver good results from our efforts, it comes down to bettering ourselves so we can grow. As we grow our results will keep getting better. As we grow our knowledge becomes deeper and more usable. This growth is two dimensional we grow “up” as we learn, we grow “roots” as we come to understand what we have already experienced.

Going Places

Going places helps us define ourselves. Every time we go somewhere we compare it to where we have been. The more we go, the more we can compare. Going places helps us remember who we are. Each time we go someplace new we have the ability to choose our actions, to live according to how we want to be seen, and who we really should be. As we go places, we become more of who we really are.

Create and Live Your Purpose

Taking something old and making it new is part of the creative process. Everything that is, also once was. We are made to be creative, we were made to create. As we create we grow, we learn, we change, we love, and we share. The purpose of creating is to experience all true potential. What are you creating today?

Changing Reality

Reality sometimes changes. Our perception of reality often changes. Truth doesn’t change, our own perception of truth does change. We can direct our thoughts by analyzing what we feel, know, see, and understand. Once we develop that awareness we can choose what to focus on. By focusing on what really matters we end up eliminating distractions. Distractions distort reality. Focus clarifies intent.