We all want to grow, to learn, to become. If we just give in to this desire, our life will be so much better. But giving in requires work. It is not just about letting go of false beliefs (important though), it is about replacing those untruths with truth, replacing the wrong with the right. That is where the work comes in. We must work to get the right knowledge so we can then take the right actions.

Don’t Change

Changing who you are is hard and often not worth it. It is much smarter to just become a better version of yourself. Rather than creating a completely new version of yourself, just keep adapting and improving. It is step-by-step, day-by-day. Focusing on your strengths and mastering your talents. To reach your potential: Don’t change who you are, just improve who you already are.

Leaders Inspire Courage

The best leaders share a vision and inspire action. The people we want to follow are those that we feel can take us somewhere. That is the vision. Once we know where we want to go, we need to believe we can get there. We need hope. That is where the leaders who inspire courage really standout.

Kindness Is Almost Free

Kindness doesn’t cost much. You pay with your time, your pay with your heart, you pay with your ego, and you pay with your effort. Kindness is easy to give when you are not thinking about yourself. Kindness builds trusts and creates loyalty. Kindness is always a good idea.