Care, just not in that way anymore.

You need to care. Just don’t care about what they think.

Once you understand the difference between caring about something and caring about what other people think – then – it all starts falling into place. You can now focus on improving and living your life and not stressing about pleasing others. There is no reason to ever live your life the way someone else wants you to.

Great Life Formula

If you:

  • Dream big.
  • Understand the current situation.
  • Commit to action.
  • Show passion and energy.
  • Think about others.

You will find your purpose. You will do great things. You will always be surrounded by people who want to be near you and in an environment where you can succeed. It’s up to you. You CAN.

Dreams+Reality+Commitment+Enthusiasm+Outward Focus = A Great Life


Purpose, fulfillment, and meaning are only found in the struggle. When you struggle with full heart to build something, to help others, to create – then everything you do and are becomes validated. The results will come, but the true achievement is found in the struggle itself.

Today’s Actions

True meaning is found by striving with a focused effort toward honesty in actions and words to make sure both of those align with your authentic self. It is not about excuses or falses stories to explain where you are currently, but aligning your potential tomorrow with the actions of today.


Confidence has nothing to do with arrogance.

Confidence is being aware of your ability while taking action. Behavior drives confidence.

Arrogance is about a comparison, it is feeling you are better than someone. Confidence is about knowing and acting in a way that aligns with your potential.

Comfort is anti-confidence. When we are comfortable we are not growing, we are not progressing. Confidence comes from our actions and the results we produce.

Real confidence is about freedom. The freedom to live and grow the way you were meant to.

What We Show

Since our life is a reflection of our thoughts and our actions, everyone in our life gives us a chance to reflect who we are back on them. If we are angry will treat others with anger, if we are at peace we will show peace toward others. What we show is who we are.

Already Valuable

The more you add value to someone else, the more likely you will be able to find your own personal fulfillment. Fulfillment is one of the keys to unlocking happiness. Happiness and fulfillment have nothing to do with personal self-worth though. You worth is not based on what others think of you. It is not even based on what you think of yourself. You are already valuable. Act as strong and important as you already are.