What Are You Hearing?

If you do not understand it, you cannot hear it. It is impossible to hear something we do not understand. We can learn, we can be humble, we can search, we can be curious and then with the right mindset, the right questions we can begin to understand and then we can start to hear.

The Circle of Waste

Imagination without beauty turns to waste.

Beauty without humility turns to waste.

Humility without strength turns to waste.

Strength without courage turns to waste.

Courage without kindness turns to waste.

Kindness without truth turns to waste.

Truth without imagination turns to waste.

Fourteen Years

In fourteen years you can create magic.

If fourteen years you can find peace.

In fourteen years you can love more than you thought possible.

In fourteen years you can triumph.

In fourteen years you can feel complete.

In fourteen years you can find your purpose.

In fourteen years you can imagine eternity.

In fourteen years you can become worthy of their love.


Happy Anniversary Meu Amor, so glad we met 14 years ago.

The Price To Pay

To find peace, to feel alive, to become who we were meant to become we need to pay the price. It is not our hard work or effort, but the opposite. The price we have to pay is the price of letting go. It is easier to hold on to old beliefs, old ideas, old fears, old grievances than it is to move on, to let go, and to live new. The price might be high, but it is always worth the cost and is always a price everyone can afford, everyone can pay.

New Decision-Maker

True confidence does not mean one does not feel or experience fear. It is just that the relationship has changed, it is a transformed relationship with fear. Fear is not in control and does not determine the outcome. Fear is now an adviser and not a decision-maker. With confidence, you become the decision-maker in your life, not your fear.