Strong Roots

Nothing grows without roots. There are so many different kinds of roots. Roots can change and adapt to every situation. No matter what your roots look like or are built like, as long as they support you then let them grow. We can choose to grow roots anywhere, but that is still a choice. When we focusing on growing, we have to have roots. Roots are habits, relationships, routines, standards, values, and principles. Decide to strengthen your roots and watch your growth explode.

Who You Are

You are not what you can observe. If you can observe your thoughts, you are not your thoughts. Thoughts are not permanent, you do not stop existing when your thoughts come and go. Thoughts are not permanent. You are. Your body is not you. You are not your tribe. The body always gets more attention than it deserves. The spirit does not.  You are your spirit. We are children of a loving heavenly father. That will never change. We are the one aware of what is around us, we are the one who sees. The real you is not only physical and only spiritual. It is all of you. No matter what suffering we “feel”, the real you does not suffer. It is our expectations that suffer.


The intention is key. Your intention is the key. Intent matters. Intent drives behavior, behavior drives actions, actions drive results. People know and sense. They can feel your intentions. When you are thoughtful, considerate, and caring everyone knows.

To Be Happy, Think Happier

The easiest way to have a happier life is to think happier thoughts. Be kind to others, actions drive thought. Show gratitude. Think about those you love. Think about experiences that made you happy. When you think happy, you can be happy. Usually, things are not all bad, find what is good, and then make that goodness your entire focus.

Moments of Success

Success is found in enjoying each moment. Waiting for new moments causes us to miss the current ones. Create a life that allows you time to reflect on the present and your future we always be brighter. As you show gratitude every day, you will be creating the foundation for better experiences and more joy in your life.