Find Something New

No one as seen everything. You haven’t seen everything. Just because you have seen it once doesn’t mean you really saw it. Learn from every experience. Even if you have seen it once, look again, find something new in what you think is old. As we learn more we can help more.

Slow or Fast?

Slow is better than fast. Sometimes. Sometimes fast is better than slow. That is why we must adapt. Those who adapt live longer, live better, and find more success. Be adaptable so you can be slow, or so you can be fast, or so you can just help more people.

Focus Your Light

If we can’t see it, it is hard to focus on it. So if it is not real yet we need to create the image in our mind and make it real in our minds. Use every light we have and focus the light on what we want. Focus on the good that can be and then your success is will follow. You get what you focus on. Focus you light on what you want, not on what you don’t. This is where the power of our minds truly comes into play, as we focus better, we live better. As we live better we can help more people.

Better Journey

Everything is better when we choose to accept others for who they are. Acceptance reduce stress. When our level of stress and anxiety is reduced we can focus on becoming rather than living in fear. Changing and growing creates accomplishment and fulfillment. Some people help us change. Some people us grow. Some people love us. Some people don’t. We must embrace and accept all people and when we do our inner peace will be restored and our journey will be better.

The Smartest Relationships

Relationships built on truth matter. Relationships built on image and perceived reality falter and die. Truth is when openness is possible, trust is earned, and love is shared. Some smart people find the truth. Smarter people know and speak the truth. The smartest people who have good relationships speak the truth and also pay attention to how that truth affects those around them.

Obstacles Aren’t Final

When something is out of reach all you need to do is change. If a door is closed either change the door or change yourself. Use a different door. Find the key. Break the door. Go through a window. Go around the door. Don’t let artificial barriers become real. Nothing is impossible with the proper mindset coupled with the proper actions.

Don’t Care What They Think

Our actions are not ours alone. Each actions influences another. Our job is not to worry about what other people think. Our job is the worry about what they will feel. It doesn’t matter if they approve or like you. It matters if it hurst them or helps them. Watch your thoughts as they guide your actions.

Say Sorry

When you feel bad about something you did, apologize. Restitution is therapy for the soul. Being sorry and saying sorry are two different things. They are both important and both help us change. Being sorry helps us change our future behavior. Saying sorry helps build better relationships, saying sorry builds trust.