Imperfect and Needed

Broken is ok. Not perfect is ok. Experienced is ok.Not complete is ok. Take what you are, and find a way to use what you have to help others.  We are all a work in progress. We are all forming and shaping and creating and striving. Helping others along in their journey is how your will cover all of your imperfections.

Getting There

For now, all you need is to get there. All you need is a vehicle that helps you along your journey. It doesn’t need to be special, it just needs to be reliable. Once you have mastered your craft, mastered your relationships you then decide if you need to upgrade, until then. Keep pushing and striving with the tools that you know work.

What You Were Built For

You were made to succeed. Just because you are in repair mode, or are resting, or are being used for the wrong purpose doesn’t change that fact. You were built to win and built to help and built to share meaning and built experience joy. Work toward doing what you were made to do, until then be content knowing your time is coming as long as you continually work and prepare for your future greatness.

Showing Your Thanks and Giving

Do we really value what we are thankful for? Do our words match our actions? When we treat others with kindness, when we serve and support those we interact with, that is when our true colors are shown. Being thankful is the sign of an advanced heart and superior mind. Being thankful creates joy and acceptance. Showing your gratitude builds true relationships. By giving of ourselves, we are showing our thanks.


Diversity always wins. Diversity of thought. Diversity in action. Diversity in technique. There is no progress is staying the same. We always must be improving and using diverse ways to create new success. Diverse people with diverse experiences is the best way to build a team. Diverse ideas united by diverse actions is the way to drive new growth. More than respect, accept diversity. Embrace diversity and it will serve you forever.


We all want and need to be validated. The idea that you can be invalidated is false. You can only feel invalidated if you make that decision to allow the opinions of others to determine your self-worth. Easy to say, hard to do. We can seek validation while avoiding the feeling of being invalidated. By focusing on what we can offer and not what others say, we validate ourselves and ignore anything that doesn’t help us accomplish our mission.

Make it Brighter

Your world is brighter as long as you are looking at your situation the right way. No matter where we are, our direction matters. Our focus determines our direction. It is all changeable. We can change our world by changing our focus. When we see things as full and good and real, that is what happens to our entire world. You choose the brightness by choosing our focus.

Finding Miracles

When you meet someone who changes your life, Hold On. When you meet someone who makes you better, Stay Close. Since our life is really just our relationships, always focus on the people that are in your life. Miracles are created by relationships that make everything a little better.

I am thankful I met Emilie 11 years ago. So thankful we held on.