Wrong Results

If you have the wrong equipment, you are likely to get hurt.

The wrong books will teach you the wrong things.

The wrong tools will limit your effectiveness.

The wrong ideas will give you the wrong plans.

Wrong plans will give you wrong results.

In the end, you get hurt when your results are wrong.

Ask Yourself Questions

Introspection is the ability to think about your thoughts. When you create awareness you are able to understand your feelings, motives, and emotions. The best way to start gaining more perspective is to ask yourself questions, then write down the answers, do this daily.

Do You Like The Changes?

Every day, you are new. Every experience changes you. Each day you might walk the same path, but you are a new person, so that means the path becomes new as well. The real question then is, do you like the path you are on. Do you like the changes you are making…? Because, there are always changes being made.

Getting Confused

It is easy to get confused when people tell you what you want to hear.  When you get told a message that you already agree with, you instantly connect and feel vindicated. Then you are in a vulnerable position, one that can lead to confusion. The ideal situation is to be careful of every message you already agree with and pay attention to what you don’t know yet. Learn more. Seek after the best things, seek after what is true and right, not just what you already agree with. As you question what you already know and are willing to search for more truth – you will find it, and when you find it it will confirm your correct beliefs and correct your false ones. The confusion comes when the echo chamber you live in ends up breaking and you then are left without anything to hold on to. To protect yourself from the damage get out before it shatters.