Having a peaceful heart helps us grow. Peace in our minds and souls reduces stress and anxiety which allows us to keep our focus on doing the right things rather than worrying about what others think. Peace from the “Peacegiver” allows us to center, know who we are, and develop courage.

Care To Sell?

When you are selling, the only thing that actually matters is that you care enough. When you care for others, magic happens. You need to care about things that matter. Care about your client, your product, your results. If you care enough you will learn, you will be curious, you will find a way to help and serve. Those who care enough will always find ways to sell and sell well.

No Process

We have thoughts. Not necessarily a thought process. Most of our actions and thoughts occur together, they occur in an instant. It is not a process that can be defined step by step, they just happen. The trick then is to locate the source and recognize so change can be applied and the wrong action prevented.

People Who Care

We don’t need more training. We just need better training. We don’t need more functionality. We just need better functionality. We just need more PEOPLE WHO CARE about the right things.

Not Ours Alone

Our actions are not ours alone. We live with and impact others. While what we do is our own, the follow-up, the result, is to be felt by so many others. What we do has serious repercussions. Our responsibility for our actions is ours alone. Our duty is to be accountable for own actions so we can influence and help in the right way. This means recognizing the value of our own actions while respecting the value of others.

Stop Maintaining

Maintaining the status quo often seems safer, it protects jobs, reputations, and even comfort. Yet, there is no such thing as maintaining. You are either getting better or getting worse. Trying to maintain is lie that helps us feel good about ourselves. Lies never end well.