Looking Closer

If something looks perfect, you know to be careful. If something seems flawless, question everything. Nothing is perfect and no one is flawless. Those who try to pretend they are, are actually hiding the most. You never know what is hiding behind the fresh paint or under the clean table cloth. Look closer. Trust your intuition.

What to Trust

What you trust is just as important as who you trust. Trust in effort, trust in determination, trust in commitment. Do not trust in superiority, do not trust pride, do not trust intelligence. Those who trust the wrong things get beaten. Those who trust in actions and trust in resilience will succeed. Those who trust in there own greatness are easily conquered and underestimate the value of everyone else. Think about others first and put actions toward goals to accomplish dreams.

Appreciate & Appreciate

It doesn’t matter if you are appreciated. It only matters if you appreciate. You need to show appreciation and you need to keep improving yourself. Not for the praise of others, but so you can better praise others. So you can better serve and better love. Those who give the most are the most satisfied. Always. Appreciate your blessings. Appreciate your value.

Share What You Have

What you carry with you determines the level of help you provide to others. It is only possible to share what you have. If someone needs your love, give it. If someone needs your light, share it. Share what they need so you can give them what they want. You are enough. Bring your complete self and share without reservation.