We Are Our Thoughts

Self-esteem is your personal belief in who you are. Self-confidence is your personal belief in what you can accomplish. Both are states of mind. Both are attitudes. Both are our thoughts. We are not what we think we are, but what we are our thoughts. The more we embrace our potential in our thoughts, the better we become at living our true potential. Our thoughts are always turned into reality. The power of what we do is first manifest in what we think.

Values Determine Your Future

Your values are everything. You cannot never violate your own values and get away with it. There is a law, a principle of truth that makes sure you always succeed as long as your actions and values are aligned. If your values are aligned with helping others, peace of mind, and integrity, you will find people actually want you to succeed. People want to help you. You will find new opportunities and doors opening up as you begin to maximize your growth as you honor your values. Your values and what you stand for are always shown in your actions. No amount of talking will ever replace your actions. Actions prove everything, especially what you stand for and what you value.

Distractions Create Pain

Distractions always cause pain. The pain is created because our reality does not meet our goals or align with our expectations. Distraction is the enemy of fulfillment and courage. Courage allows us to act on our purpose and become useful. The more we act with courage, the more confidence we create and the less we allow the temptation of distraction to hurt us.

Imagine & Create

Creativity is reserved for those who are imaginative. Everyone has the power to imagine. Most decide not to. Most people let their imaginations die and focus too much on the past of what was rather than on the future of what could be. When you let yourself imaginae a better world, your creativity will begin to help you create it.

Traditions Connect

Humans need traditions. Traditions help us to sanctify our relationships and magnify our identities. As we allow the traditions of faith, family, and community to be practiced and supported, we build stronger connections both to those we love and know while deepening the unspoken and invisible bond with our creator as well as with the community at large. Traditions encourage us to remember while creating new memories at the same time.


Sacrifice brings forth growth. Sacrificing for others bring us meaning. Sacrificing for ourselves brings forth hope. Sacrifice comes in many forms but it always means that we do something that we would rather not do in order to accomplish a better future for others or ourselves. When you give up something of value, like your time, for something even more important, like the well being of others, you have found a way to sacrifice and serve at the same time. When your heart is in the sacrifice, your mind will follow. The reverse is not always true. Put your heart in first and everything will turn out better. As you learn to embrace the art of sacrifice, notice the sacrifice of others. They need to the appreciation as much as you need to accept the service.