Better Insights

Insights come from reflection and experience. Insights are true, insights that are not true are delusions. The wrong thoughts can distort our insights and create delusions. In order to create the right thoughts study, focus, commit and trust people who love you and want to support you.

Those Who Like Us

Simple Truth:  People like people who like them.

In science, they call this “Reciprocal Liking” or  “The Reciprocity of Attraction” — if you like someone first (actions, words) there is a better chance they will like you back. We want to be around people who like us.

This truth also eliminates the need to want to impress others with accomplishments or physical appearances, it turns superficialness upside down and creates deeper relationships.

Alone At Times

Spending time alone with yourself is the best way to determine if you are fulfilled or not.

If you can be alone, not just for minutes or for hours, but truly alone, then you will find out how you really feel.

What you think about yourself and who you are is uncovered when you are alone. When the business of the day, your tasks and obligations cannot get in the way, then you have the freedom to pursue yourself.