Not Replaceable

Nothing can replace enthusiasm. No amount of skill or talent can make up for someone who doesn’t want to be there. Yet, dedication, passion, and energy can make up for a wide variety of mistakes and gaps as long as you keep going and trying. Eventually, you will gain the skills you need if you are enthusiastic about improvement.

Ultimate Control

Forced control always gets replaced. Forced control never lasts. True control is earned and created, not imposed. Love is the only legitimate form of control. When you love someone, you will do whatever they need. When you love someone, you will always support them and serve them. Creating love is the way to create communities. Communities are chosen and enforced by love. Love more and you will find ultimate control.

Happy Now

Yesterday doesn’t matter.¬†Tomorrow is important. Yet, not as important as today. Today always determines everything. The greatest source of happiness comes from choosing to be grateful for the exact moment you are in right now while having a hope of an even better future. The trick is you are happy now and the look into the future is just that, a look, but not where your mind is dwelling. To be truly content, your thoughts are in the present and you are happy now.

New Truth

The pain of learning something new is often the regret of time spent thinking in error. When we know, we must act. Often we think back to what could have been if we would have known, but in reality, if we had known, we would not have become who we are today. When we learn a new truth, we must embrace it going forward and not dwell on the mistakes of the past.


Feedback is only useful if used. If the feedback you receive¬†is negative, or hurtful, or untrue – don’t use it! You decide what information you use. Only keep what is valuable. Use feedback wisely.

Want Something

When you want something, you will do what it takes. Sometimes we don’t know what we want, so we end up not doing enough. Once you know what you want, life becomes so much smoother. Choose your choice, and work your hardest and you will find fulfillment.