True Experts

If you are a true expert you will freely share your knowledge, not because you don’t value your work,  but because you know your knowledge and experience will always be growing. Success is easily created when we have an abundance world view over a fixed mindset.


Virtue is shown and proven in how we treat others. Our principles and values do not contain virtue. Our virtue is what we do because what we do is based on what we think. 

Prepare To Be Inspired

Being inspired is more about preparation than it is about location or luck. If you know where you want to go and then work to get there, the inspiration comes faster, it comes easier, and you will be aligned with your purpose. You’ve got to request the inspiration, ask for it.

Empathy is Sales

Empathy sells. Empathy is about finding the truth of another. Listening is empathy in action. Those who don’t listen cannot have empathy. Empathy wins friends, empathy builds understanding. When you understand someone, you can truly help them. Sales is all about helping others.