When faced with any type of obstacle it is important to know how to respond. Some situations require you to attack, approach the problem head-on. Some require you to wait or ignore. Some challenges require you to ask others for help. Others require that you change your route. It is often hard to know which approach is needed. You will never go wrong by following the EARAR Method.

Evaluate – understand the situation.

Act – do something, do anything.

Re-Evaluate – analyze your actions.

Adjust – change your actions based on the initial results.

Repeat – act again, reevaluate, adjust, repeat.


See Again

Taking actions erases doubt, fear, and worry. Since we can’t focus on two things at the same time, if we are present in our minds (totally aware) and are focused on the actions we are taking, our inner pain gets muted, are usefulness increases and we begin to see differently.

Peace and Comfort

When you know where to go for true peace, and true comfort, your life will always find its course. You can always get back on the right track if you understand that the source of truth also wants you to succeed and will give you everything you need if you are willing to be a bit more humble.  It takes action, and courage is action and the action of courage is needed to find and then accept truth.

Be Useful

Wanting to be needed is real, yet basing our actions around that want causes us pain and suffering. As we change our expectations, our life changes. We find fulfillment as we accomplish our purpose, and that purpose never revolves around the want to be needed. It revolves around the action of being useful.

Actions & Actions & Actions

Action creates action. The more we do, the more we can do. The more we overcome, the stronger we become. The cycle is magnified when we help others take action. By helping others, we exponentially raise our potential to do more and be more. By helping others, we learn to fulfill our potential.