Analyze, But Do Not Compare

We all search for meaning.

Trauma is hard to define without context.

When seeking context, too often we compare. Yet, comparison is the thief of joy.

Context can be found without comparing your situation to someone else’s.

When searching for context and meaning from and because of our situation as related to other situations—be careful not to compare—but rather analyze instead.

Anxiety Causes Stress

Stress is often caused by anxiety.

Anxiety is usually an intense internal fear that starts from within rather than from external stimuli.

As we pay attention to how we process our emotions, we can understand when we start to feel anxious. If we know when it comes, we can take measures to limit the power and effect of the anxiety.

As we learn to limit our anxiety, we in turn limit our stress.

Your Energy

Your energy is felt. Your energy cannot be masked, or hidden. Everywhere you go, everything you do, your energy goes with you and is evident. Change your energy and change your life.