Win The DEAL. Every. Single. One.

Once you have a solid sales strategy in place, in order to sell to enterprises, you need to keep in mind the 3 P’s.

Perspective – How you frame the current issues, how you frame the industry environment, and how you are changing the way the buyer sees things.

Positioning – How your product is positioned, the insights you share, and the unique value the product brings.

People – These are the key influencers in the buying process. All the people in both organizations that you must influence to make better decisions.

*Mastering perspective takes industry expertise. Do the prep work, stay involved.

*Mastering positioning takes product expertise.  You need to know everything inside and out.

*Mastering people takes empathy and emotional intelligence. Learn to love to study people and human behavior. Pay attention to relationships, needs, wants, and goals. Serve others by helping them get what they want.

If you have a legitimate solution and can master perspective, positioning, and people, you will win the sale every time. Two out of 3 might work too, but why risk it?

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