He wasn’t supposed to get the job…

Multiple candidates were interviewing for a sales position. Many were qualified. A few even had the skills, tenacity, and personality. The most qualified person did not get the job.

The one who did, didn’t have a good resume, he had never sold before and his grades were average from an average school. He was hired anyway.

He was almost fired a few times in the first 2 months.

He wasn’t very good. Then, “out of the blue”, he started selling.

He started winning. What caused the change/the overnight success?

His Mother. In the interview he sold a story. With humility, he sold HER story .

The example of hard work and perseverance of his single mom. How she raised him and his siblings alone, working multiple stress inducing jobs. Her dedication and endurance showed that no matter what happens, belief and action will win out in the end. He believed the story. He sold the story.

He lived the story.

According to the “EXPERTS”, children raised by single mothers are not supposed to pass the interview, they aren’t supposed to succeed. Yet, they do. They do it everyday.

What we do with what we have is the ONLY thing that matters.

To share your story and encourage single mothers everywhere, go here: http://singlemomstories.org/

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