Get What You Want

What is wrong for us, we will never be right. What is wrong for us, will never stay with us. We often get stuck chasing what is wrong, even though we deep down can only want what is right. Yet, the idea of something is so strong, that we ignore what we actually want. Choosing to accept what is right is the first step to getting what we really want. 

Homes of Peace and Happiness

We don’t find our homes,

we make them. 

Our homes are created when we decide and choose and then accept our choices. 

We don’t search for peace,

we don’t search for happiness, 

we create it. 

Peace and happiness are created when we decide to let go of everything we cannot control and take full responsibility combined with action and courage toward everything we can. 

Listen For Your Instincts

Instincts are not feelings. Feelings are choices. 

Instincts are our entire subconscious learning responding immediately to present data before we even understand everything that is happening. 

Once chosen, feelings are loud and strong. 

Instincts are often quiet and understated.