Include More To Reduce Contention

Conflict is primarily created by exclusion. When someone feels they are excluded, or their ideas are excluded, or their needs are excluded, then conflict will be present. Conflict itself is not bad, but left unattended turns into contention. Contention is always wrong and never helps. 

Leaders Support

Even when you disagree, support them anyway. 

Even when you assume they are wrong, support them anyway. 

You don’t need to support anything that is wrong. You still need to support them as a person.

Support doesn’t mean helping them off a cliff, it means being there for them, correcting as needed, finding solutions, listening, and then making sure they know you are available. 

How To Be The Perfect Victim

Here’s a few strategies to become the best victim you can be: 

  1. Make everything, every interaction, every situation about you. 
  2. Assume the worst in everyone else. 
  3. Blame others for your feelings. 
  4. Belittle others for having a different perspective. 
  5. Find evil intent in the faults of others, while denying your own responsibility.
  6. See your reality as more real than another’s.   
  7. Anytime someone disagrees with your delusions of victimhood shame them for not listening and not showing empathy or compassion. 
  8. Don’t ever show gratitude when others adjust their schedule or plans to accommodate your victimhood. 

It is crazy how similar being a victim is to being a narcissist.