Fear Is A Fence

Fear is a natural fence. 

Fear can prevent us from asking for help, 

Fear can stop us from connecting with others, 

Fear can scare away our dreams, 

Fear can silence our true voice, 

Fear can control anything that it is allowed to. 

Love, Faith, and Courage are the tools to destroy any fence of fear. 

Helping Helps

A universal truth is the “Law of Help” in that the more we help others, in the end we are also helping ourselves. 

We might gain new skills, new emotions, stronger relationships, or a better community. No matter the end benefit, helping others always returns the work and creates a more than justifiable reward. 

A City Finding Faith

When the streets are full, searching for the one clarifies all purpose. 

When the rejection becomes real, the desired peace eventually comes. 

When the truth gets applied, hearts and minds become one. 

When the light fades, the night brings new found faith.