How Get There

If you want to do something:

  1. Find others who have done it. 
  2. Learn how they did it. 
  3. Gain the skills they needed. 
  4. Create the right relationships. 
  5. Focus your efforts and helping the the right people with your new skills. 
  6. Keep Going. 

Give & Get

The best way to find what you need is to try and give it away.






It is all the same, the the more you give, the more you receive. 


Not From Nothing

Peace doesn’t coming from nothingness.

Peaces comes from wholeness.

When you are complete,

when you are present,

when you are following truth,

when you serve others,

when you allow yourself to be served,

when you work hard,

when you rest,

then you can be at peace. 

Embrace Death To Grow

Growth also means death. Death of the old to give birth to the new. As we kill off the old versions of ourselves, we allow the new, improved, wiser, better, and more evolved version of ourself to thrive.