Choosing Friends

True friendship is magical because it isn’t forced, mandated, or designated by birth.  Real friendship is when two sides decide to care for one another without focusing on changing them, but rather just the desire to experience life around each other. Friendship is a choice that brings about benefits that always outweigh the costs. 

Desire For Growth Shows Heart

The desire to be better is everything. 

The desire for improvement shows where your heart is. 

Past actions, mistakes, failures, and lapses are not nearly as relevant as where your heart is today. 



Happy Birthday, Cobi!!!!  Keep expressing your true desire for consistent excellence and growth. Love you! 

Actions Create Feelings

Most of our biggest mental and emotional challenges do not come from what is happening, but rather how we decide to think and feel and react to what is happening. What we do supercedes how we feel. Since actions create feelings, so we must do to feel. 

Fake Friends

Having fake friends is one of the loneliest feelings in the world. 

The 2 biggest signs of “a fake friend”:

  1. Nice when they need something. 
  2. Nice in-person but they don’t invite you to spend time with them. 

Fake friends are more than worthless, they are thieves, they are destroyers, they are takers. 

Authenticity is priceless, but fake friends will cost you everything. 

Stay away from fake friends. They are worse than enemies. With enemies you know where you stand and you can protect your energy.  Fake friends use and abuse and leave once you have been sucked dry, often before you realize what has happened. 

P.S. Nice does not equal being kind. Nice is being polite, kind is when you care.