Win By Avoiding

The best way to win the battle, any battle, is to make sure that no battle actually takes place. Avoid actual conflict and controntation and get consensus and decision on a new path first, and then the battle will be won before it ever begins. 

Emotional Management

In every situation, those who have the strongest ability to monitor, analyze, and control their emotions according to thier goals will come out on top. The ones who have the fortitude to push through while staying calm and focused will find success. 

Belief + Faith

Belief is what you feel to be true, wether it is true or not. 

Faith is different, faith is belief in something that is true, no matter what. 

Belief is good. It is the starting point. Faith is better. Faith takes more work to find out what is actually true. 

Ask & Listen

The best *leaders know how to ask the right questions and then truly listen.

*leaders, teachers, sales professionals, parents, accountants, trainers, coaches, engineers, managers, scientists, artists, etc…