The Habit of Gratitude

Habits reveal character and dictate what we actually accomplish. We always fall to the level of our habits. Thankfulness is the ultimate virtue and gratitude is choice that becomes a habit. 

As we choose gratitude every aspect of our live improves, as this habit will improve all the others. 


Our Fault, Always

It is always our own fault. 

If we take something personally, it is our fault we feel the way we do. 

If we lie, it is our fault others don’t trust us. 

If we are lazy, it is our fault you are not achieving what we could. 

If we judge others, it is our fault we don’t have friends. 

If we love others, it is our fault we will feel more love. 

If we are kind to others, it is our fault we will feel more peace.

If we work hard, it is our fault we will find satisfaction. 

If we ignore the opinions of others, it is our fault we fulfill our own potential. 

Easy to say, hard to do… still our own fault. 

Your Interpretation Doesn’t Determine Truth (not even right or wrong)

You are worthy. 

You experiences are valid

Your emotions are real. 

Your feelings are important. 

None of the above though means your interpretations of events, other’s words, other’s actions, other’s intentions are right or even directionally accurate. 

Interpretation is everything. It can be very right or very very wrong. Interpretation is a choice, it determines wether or not you think you are a victim, it determines wether or not you see others as evil, or bad, or out to get you, it determines your version of reality, it determines your overall ability to connect with others and your ability to stay faithful to the truth you have always known. 

Do Something Too Big

Passion is always found in doing something we think is too much, too big, too hard, too extreme for us. 

When we approach a goal that is bigger than we are, our passion is ignited and we find that we are bigger than we thought. 

Doing something that makes us bigger helps our lives become bigger, and that is when we fulfill our potential. 

Sweet 16

November 19, 2006 was the moment, that one event that I can say is my turning point, the instance when my life changed for the better, forever. The night I met you.


There are thousands of reasons I love you, and thousands more of why I need you.


Over the past 16 years, you have shown me who you really are. Here are a few characteristics that define who you are to me, to your family, children, and friends:


Sexy, Smart  

Warm, Wise

Elegant, Enlivened

Empathetic, Expressive  

Tender, Tenacious


Strong, Selfless

Imaginative, Inspired

Xenial, Xenophile

Trustworthy, Talented

Exhilarating, Enchanting

Enticing, Educated

Nurturing, Nourishing


Thank you for you love, encouragement, wisdom, and dedication. 

Commitment Leaves No Room Excuses

Excuses allow us to avoid the potential of pain that comes from the possibility of failure. Excuses are created and used when we are not committed and usually come from listening to negative emotions that we allow to turn into feelings. When committed we find a way. You can be scared and committed. You can be afraid and committed. Commitment is a decision that has nothing to do with feelings. 



We Fear Forward

We are not afraid of yesterday. 

We are not afraid of the past. 

We are not afraid of words spoken. 

We are not afraid of actions taken. 

The future is what we are afraid of, tomorrow, the unknown. 

Fear is always about what we do not know or have not experienced.