Letting Go To Hold On

When we decide to escape our emotional and mental conditions, 

it is more of a letting go than a forcing out. 

We do not need to push through, or fight harder, or resist more, 

all we need, 

is the willingness, 

to let,


Let go of the fear. 

Let go of the worry.

Let go of the anxiety. 

Once we let go, we are free to hold on to faith, hope, and courage. 

Help Them Know You

People choose what they know. 

Everyone will hang out with those they connect with.  

Everyone will buy the products they are familiar with. 

Everyone supports what they are comfortable supporting. 

People choose to spend time with those they know. 

Seeding Our Hearts

Whatever seeds we plant in our minds grow into the garden that creates our hearts. 

Everything starts as a mental condition before it is woven into the fabric of our character. 

Happiness, suffering, joy, peace, hope, fear, sorrow, gratitude, grief, and love are all seeds of thought that were allowed to grow into feelings.