Work To Understand

The only way to know what is coming next is to understand those around you. It comes down to understanding what they want and need, no matter what actually gets said. It is understanding the truth behind the facade. Focusing on their goals and commitment to those goals will help you predict their actions. 

React With Gratitude

The best reaction to a misguided label, characterization, or insult is to not take offense, but rather to thank them for sharing their personal perspective. When someone shares with you who they really are, believe them. Now you know how to approach and treat them because they showed you how they really feel. 

Your Heart, Not Theirs

Do not let others tell you what is in your heart. They cannot tell you what your actions mean about your intentions or your character. They can tell you how your actions affected them, how they chose to feel about your actions, and what it means to them. But, never let anyone tell you who you are.