Let Go – Don’t Avoid

The more we avoid discomfort, suffering, and pain the more sensitive we become to everything that happens around us. 

We get tricked into believing that what is happening around us is actually happening to us. 

If we have pain inside of us, it is natural to avoid more pain. 

If we let go of the pain inside of us, then there is nothing to avoid and we do not get bothered or affected by what happens outside of us. 

Better Training

We always can perform only to the highest level of our training. 

We are trained to believe or not believe.

We are trained to have fear or faith. 

We are trained to love or hate. 

We are trained to work or wait. 

The better we train and train others, the better our entire world becomes. 

Good Behavior

Thinking about the present is what helps drive awareness. Awareness encourages better behavior.

Leading others is about behavior. Our own behavior. As we think about the impact we are having on the person we are speaking to at the moment, our words are more likely to be ones we don’t regret. Thinking about others creates awareness that leads to good leadership.