Excellence Over Validation

The need to fill the well of status acknowledgment or external validation is endless, a bottomless pit that can never be fully accomplished. Once the desire and need for outside affirmation are changed to the pursuit of personal excellence, our internal growth is compounded and our results magnified. 

4 Friends – Leave 2 At Home

Leave Anger and Regret at home, they are not needed. 

Anger blames others. 

Regret blames you. 

Both Anger and Regret have never made a situation better or even gotten close to solving a problem.

They are more than useless, they are destructive. 

The friends you need are Compassion and Action, take them with you everywhere.

Compassion helps you see the best in others and in yourself. 

Action always makes sure you are heading in the direction of your goals and potential. 

Stonger For More Work

Every worthwhile achievement requires moving heavy obstacles. 

Every goal is only obtained by work. 

Every success is built on the foundation of work. 

To do more work, get stronger. 

Adding strength never makes the load lighter, it just increases the capacity to perform work.

Desires Start To Define Us

Desire is over half the problem. 


Desire is always over half the battle.

Whatever desire is chosen, that is where the work begins. 

Desire is always over half of the solution. 

So if we want to be better, that desire will drive us. 

If we want to do better, that desire will drive us. 

Feel Good Energy

Thoughts produce feelings, and feelings create energy. If we want to feel good, we need to manufacture positive energy. 

But, if we constantly worry, find fault, talk badly, gossip, judge others, and believe in self-doubt we will keep creating negative energy. 

Resting To Heal

Healing takes place with rest. 

When we rest from physical demands, our physical body can heal. 

When we rest from mental demands, our minds can heal. 

When we rest from judgment, worry, fault-finding, and anger our relationships can heal.