Helpful Disagreements

When someone disagrees with you, trust that they might have a perspective you have yet to consider. Do not change your opinion right away, but carefully find the new vantage point and determine if your position is still accurate. If it is, they helped you strengthen your belief. If it is not, they opened you to even more truth. Either way, disagreements help when we are humble. 

Builders Build

If you know what you are building, 

if you believe in what you are building,

and if you understanding why you are building it,

then no task will be mundane, 

no challenge too much, 

and no amount of negativity will stop you from accomplishing your goal. 

Doing Discipline

You don’t have discipline. You don’t find discipline. You do discipline. Discipline is the key to finding success. Discipline isn’t about hard work. Discipline is about doing what needs to be done no matter what our emotions, feelings, body, or brain says to the contrary.