Destroy Pain

To eliminate pain, destroy it by taking away its power. When you think about the pain, focus on the pain, that is when it has power. Ignoring the pain limits the power. With the power limited you can find new ways to solve the source of the pain in the first place. 

A Little Anxiety…

Often, anxiety is a sign of passion. When you care enough to want the best outcome. The trick is to not let it the anxiety determine your overall feelings which then determine your actions. Learn to embrace your desire for something or someone and then do the work to make it happen. 

Forcing Growth

The desire to avoid growth is a sign that our current situation might change, and all of our sacrifice, all of our efforts might be wasted. Yet, when done right – it is our effort and sacrifice that are forcing the growth to happen. 

Look & Do

Looking at things from a new perspective helps increase awareness.
Awareness creates space to accept accountability.
Accountability encourages responsibility.
Responsibility drives positive change.
Positive Change = Growth

Words are important.
They create and define our thoughts and feelings.
Thoughts and feelings determine actions.

Don’t accept everything others tell you.
Learn for yourself.
Think for yourself.
Do for yourself and Do for others.