Your Heart, Not Theirs

Do not let others tell you what is in your heart. They cannot tell you what your actions mean about your intentions or your character. They can tell you how your actions affected them, how they chose to feel about your actions, and what it means to them. But, never let anyone tell you who you are. 

Feel, & Do It Anyway

Emotional awareness is important. Understanding and paying attention to how you feel is needed. Yet, letting how we feel determine our actions will almost always lead us down the wrong path, the easy road, or the way that takes us away from our ultimate goals and objectives. Never let how you feel determine your actions. 

Pay More Attention


One of the most important skills the greatest who ever lived always possessed was the ability to pay attention. This drives awareness, which builds understanding and creates insights. When we pay attention we have a great advantage, since most of the world doesn’t. 



Happy Birthday, Martin!