Giving Soul

When you give everything you have, including everything you want, you know you are following the path of true journey for your soul. Your soul is limitless, and knows no limits. You soul is generous, and knows no selfishness. When you give, that is your soul expressing itself the way it was meant to. 

Not The Repetitions

Even if it is your first time, you can make it work, you can find success.

Even if it is your hundredth time, it might not work, you can fail. 

Your effort, your execution, your willingness to learn — combined, that is what leads to success, not the amount of time or number of repetitions. 

Decide & Do

If your direction is not fixed, the journey will always be off. Decide where you want to go and the path becomes so much more clear. Even when you don’t know exactly what to do, the path for your journey will open before you as your go. 


Respect shows its final form in allowing other people to make important personal decisions without you thinking your opinion/option is better than theirs. 

Constantly asking people to adjust thier choices shows disrepect. 

Show respect and watch your relationships improve. 


Intentions are only half of what matters. They are an important half, but only half. In reality, doing is always more, always better, always whole. Doing completes the process, fulfills the need, satisfies the relationship.