Always Right, Sometimes

The stronger we feel toward a specific topic, the more emotionally connected we are – the harder it is for us to see the perspective from another’s point of view. Awareness and deliberate reflection can help adjust and tame the desire to always be right even when we are so committed. 

Fixing Confidence

In order to fix your confidence:

  • Fix Your Skills – gain the right ones 
  • Fix Your Experience – do more 
  • Fix Your Self-Judgement – stop it 
  • Fix Your Fear – embrace it 
  • Fix Your Expectations – accept current reality while working towards your desired reality 

Those are the reasons confidence is weak. Once fixed, your confidence will be strong. 

Choose Your Feeling

Avoiding experiences never works. What we are really avoiding is feelings, not the experience. When we gain awareness and control, we have the ability to choose how we feel about our experiences. Embrace the experience and choose the feeling. 

Something Bigger

Feeling part of something bigger, something else, something more … that is what drives empathy, connection, and community. That feeling is what prevents pure self-ambition from taking over and delivers true human collaboration.