Doing The Things

Doing the things we don’t want to, consistently is what creates greatness. We don’t want to do things often because we are afraid of the pain, the grief, the sorrow, the disappointment, or even the work.

Yet, the act of doing is courage. 

Courage is doing no matter the fear grief or pain. 

Happy Birthday Cobi! Proud of your courage. 

If We Don’t Remember, Did It Happen?

What we remember, is what we experience. If we don’t remember it, then the experience didn’t take hold, so in effect, we didn’t experience it. That is why personal experience is so reliant on personal reflection. We need to ponder the events of our lives and the feelings we have daily, in order to create lasting memories.

Value In Time

What is not important gets left behind.

Not important in an absolute sense, but important in that moment to the one leaving…

What you carry with you shows everyone exactly what you value, especially over long periods of time.

Thoughts Steer The Ship

Thoughts are directi0nal. They have the power to determine actions. Actions determine destiny. Thoughts are powerful, they always have an impact, they always push us in their direction. Whatever the thought is, that is the eventual destination it leads to. Use your thoughts the right way. Let your thoughts take you where you want to go.

Conflicting Desires

We often have conflicting emotions and desires. Those oppositional attitudes can be overcome with inner-reflection that leads to courage.

When we align our meditations (prayer) with our values, our actions will always be right.

Choose Love

Those who love the most are also the happiest. Love isn’t conditional. Love isn’t about you. Love isn’t about what you get in return. Love is what you decide to feel toward someone and how you show it. Choosing to love is choosing to be happy, no matter the outcome.