Ask Over Tell

Asking is usually better than telling. 

Ask more, and people respond with what they really think and feel. 

Tell more, and people shut down and shut off. 

This is true with colleagues, with clients, with friends, with spouses, and with children. 

Mastering Your Masterpiece

One tool used perfectly is incredibly powerful, but will only accomplish a small number of tasks. 

Yet 2 or 3 tools mastered can be combined to accomplish almost anything. 

Find what tools you can master that align with your skills and passions, and you will be able to create your desired masterpieces. 

The Secret Choice

Thucydides teaches that: “the secret to happiness is freedom… and the secret to freedom is courage.”

So the secret to happiness is courage. 

Courage is always a choice. 

It is the choice to do the right thing no matter the fear, pain, or grief. 

Potential & Integrity

Living to your potential means living an authentic life. Authenticity is about truth, not about preference. 

Integrity is important. Integrity is the art of finding and then following the truth, your needs, and the needs of others.

Courage is integrity in action. Doing the right thing, is always the honest thing, no matter the obstacles. 



Happy Birthday, Lucia!!!! You are loved. Thank you for living your life with integrity. 

Cleaning The Glass

The glass we look through isn’t always clean. Cleaning the glass sometimes allows us to see something new. Even though our position hasn’t changed, cleaning the glass often gives us a different perspective. 

There are many ways to clean the glass, but it always starts with admitting there might be something else we could do, see, or change. 

How To Treat Them

If you want someone to be more valuable, treat them like they are more valuable. 

Treat others according to their potential and that is what they will become. 

Treat them as they are, and they might regress. Treat them as they could be and they will grow.