The Pain of Holding On

Holding on to our past pain allows us to explain away our victimhood.

The past pain continues to hurt us the more we hold on to it.

Our pain holds us back, our pain holds us down.

Once we let go, we have nothing to fall back on.

Once we let go, the only place we can go is up.

Is it worth it?

If you are willing to suffer for it, to endure pain for it, to die for it, then it is worth protecting, it is worth doing, it is worth loving.

If not, then you are wasting your time.

Find what/who is worth it and support that.

Your Shield

As a Spartan your shield was everything.

You held it onto not only for your own safety but more importantly for the safety of your entire team.

You always protect those you care about and your shield is that first line of defense.

What is your shield today?

Is it love?

Is it truth?

Is it courage?

Is it prayer?

Whatever shield you are carrying, as long as everyone still has the shield in place, you will always be safe.