Look For The Smile

When you want to be happy, you will find a way. 

When you want to smile, you will find something to smile about. 

Your attitude and perspective determine your outlook, what you look for, you will find. 


Happy Birthday, Martin! Keep smiling, always keep looking for the good!

Create Space To Find Peace

Finding peace is the most advanced form of living. The best way to have peace is to create space—space between you and your thoughts, space between you and your emotions, space between your thoughts and your actions, space between you and your relationships, space between you and anger, space between you and your desires, space between you and anxiety, space between you and fear. The space between is what is need to embrace the higher peace. 

Chasing Perfect

Hardwork doesn’t equal perfection. Perfection is a choice and does take hard work, but is not gauranteed. The only way to pursue perfection is to pursue constant improvement. As we search, do, evaluate, and red-do we can take steps everyday that help us get better and better.