The Golden Secret Miracle Questions

Most human-to-human problems are solved when both sides are willing to sincerely ask themselves these three questions:

  1. “How am I wrong?”
  2. “What am I missing?”
  3. “Is there a different and better way to look at this?” 

If these questions are approached with humility, all misunderstandings, contentions, and conflict will be overcome. 

Even better, if situations are entered with this mindset then the challenges are usually avoided. 

Eliminated Ethics

Most problems today are a result of disappearing ethics. Once the meaning of virtues change, then ethics do not exist. If integrity can be altered and adjusted to match desire, rather than changing our desire to match the principle, then ethics do not exist. 

Honor Is Created By Action

Honor is how well and in what manner we fulfill our social contract. It is our individual identity that is tied to social belonging, service, acceptance, and integrity. Our actions determine the honor we earn. 

On Christmas, we honor Christ because of who He is and what He did. He fulfilled His social contract, His eternal contract.