Don’t Apologize

You don’t need to apologize for being kind, for showing concern, for having empathy, for taking care of those you love, for taking care of yourself, and for being a good person

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Rely On Us

You are a product of your own actions and the actions of those around you. We do not live in a vacuum. We all are influenced by each other. We all can help or hurt those around us. It is a choice

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. We all rely on each other, even when we don’t admit it.

27 Books

These are the 27 books EVERYONE needs to read:


  1. Willpower Doesn’t Work
  2. The Motivation Myth
  3. Man’s Search For Meaning
  4. The Power of Positive Thinking
  5. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  6. The Happiness Equation
  7. As A Man Thinketh  
  8. 12 Rules For Life  
  9. The Book of Mistakes


  1. To Sell is Human
  2. High-Profit Prospecting
  3. New Sales. Simplified.
  4. The Only Sales Guide You Will Ever Need
  5. Sales EQ
  6. The Challenger Customer
  7. Sales Management. Simplified

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  8. Same-Side Selling
  9. Exactly What To Say


  1. The Outward Mindset
  2. The Go-Giver
  3. Brave Leadership
  4. The Advantage
  5. Emotional Intelligence
  6. Give and Take
  7. The Speed of Trust  
  8. 21 Laws of Leadership  
  9. Leadership and Self-Deception

Your Role Changes You

Everyone says to “find yourself”. The problem is, who you are changes based on your role. You determine which role you play the most

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. Are you a child? Are you a boss? Are you a employee? Are you a leader? Are you a parent? Are you a friend? Are you a mentor?  In each role, you are someone different. While you values, character, and personality don’t change – who you are in relation to others does. Pay attention to the role you play. The best way to find yourself is to create the biggest impact on those around you. Your role is important in creating the value that has the greatest results. Help others more.

This One Idea Will Change Your Approach to Everything

If you don’t know what you don’t have, you make do. Growing up we “made do”, a lot. My wonderful single mother raised us 6 kids by working multiple jobs and instilling in us a “Get it Done” attitude. It didn’t matter what it was, if it was to be done, she did it or “helped” us do it. We learned to take the same approach. The question of how was never raised. We were expected to figure it out.

We worked a lot as a family. My mom “made” us do chores daily, not just on Saturday. And of course Saturdays were brutal. Ask my only two friends. They never came over until at least noon, just so they could be spared the experience (maybe I should have had better friends). Getting a job outside the home at age 11 cleaning horse stalls at a local boarding stable was a relief, and so much easier than working at home. The same with mowing lawns, bagging groceries, babysitting, moving irrigation pipe, flipping burgers, shoveling snow, milking cows, and whatever else I did. Even now, I look back and can’t think of any work that I have done that was more difficult than those “chores.” Besides working hard, we learned to work smart (creative?) in order to get everything done.

How do you weed the nastiest weeds in the yard and garden without a spade/shovel/gloves? With your fingers. How do you hang seemingly endless walls worth of picture frames without a screwdriver? With a butter knife. How do you make cereal? Pour some milk over a couple slices of bread. Etc…

Constraints help us succeed. Using resources productively is the ultimate sign of success. Deadlines are a great motivator for procrastinators. Competitive athletes need to win whatever the scoring method is. You never know what you will do to survive, until you have no other options. Necessity brings out ingenuity.

Even though we never have everything we want, often we have much more than we realize.

Mindset Shift

Scott Sonenshein is a professor of management at Rice University. His consults major enterprises with his innovative research and unique findings. Professor Sonenshein decided to put some of his best work into a new book called ‘Stretch’. I love this book.  Get your copy here. The 9 chapters are full of exceptional stories and scientific proof to help you succeed. (Chapter 4 is my favorite)

In the book he shows us how some people succeed with so little, while others fail when they have so much.

It all comes down to your mindset.

Chasing vs. Stretching

You don’t realize what you don’t have until one of two things happen: You REALLY need it or you see someone else with something, and then you want it.

Chasing is about social comparisons. We compare ourselves to others and then we convince ourselves that we need what they have. It leads to despair and too much energy being spent chasing things that do not bring in real value.

“Chasing makes people miserable.”

In order to perform better and be more creative we need to stretch ourselves. Even though having the right amount of money can help, when it runs out most people don’t know what to do. Even though having the right tool can make any job easier, when you don’t have the right tool, most people can’t get the job done. This is what it means to Stretch: To get the job done, no matter what resources are available. Stretching is about using what you have to make your circumstance better. Stretching is not making excuses, it is finding ways to succeed.

4 Ways to Become a Stretcher (from the book)

1.    Broaden Experiences – a variety of experiences allows us to break convention by using resources in new ways. Spontaneity sponsors creativity. Goals are achieved as action is taken.

2.    Act Without Planning – take action, plan as you go. Planning is a good way to impose artificial constraints.   Action almost always wins. Take action first, plan along the way.

3.    Erase Negative Expectations – we often assume the worst. It is a good tool to stay alive, a bad trait for increased innovation and performance

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. We receive what we expect. As we expect the best from others, we in turn will receive better outcomes.

4.    Create Unthinkable Combinations – the best inventions and ideas are created when two previously unrelated items get combined together. Often our ability to create is limited by artificial boundaries. We separate work and home, family and friends, health and relaxing. By combining previously uncombined areas of our lives we open the door to more combinations and greater productivity.

We have enough. More is not the answer. More time, more stuff, more resources. More can help us, but more is not the solution in and of itself.

Instead of trying to get more, we should focus on using what we already have. Stop chasing. Start stretching. Scott Sonenhshein wrote a book filled with tons of data and real life stories that will help us all succeed by learning to stretch. I recommend reading it. The basic message is:

“What you do with what you have matters more than what you have.”

In conclusion here is Professor Sonenshein’s giving us much needed motivation and inspiration:

“You already have everything you need to succeed in business and life, ready for you to unlock and activate. Stop worrying about what you don’t have, and appreciate what you do have. Think and act as if success is possible, then unleash your creativity to get there.”

The Real Reason Tom Brady Won

Every lesson learned has been learned by someone else.

Some people learn them better.

**Disclaimer: I am a Steelers fan, but can also recognize greatness. 

The Falcons lost the game. Atlanta “should” have won Super Bowl 51. Everyone “shoulds” on themselves. It stinks. As the great Victor Antonio says: “We all need to stop ‘Shoulding’ on ourselves.”

Some will say the refs weren’t fair. Some will say the Patriots cheated.

Some will make excuses. Others will accept that there are things you can do to win.

Tom Brady has won more super bowls than any quarterback in NFL history. There are some good reasons why.

In order to complete the dramatic, come from behind win, Tom Brady displayed 3 specific qualities of leadership that all winners show:

  1. Reliable Consistency – Tom Brady didn’t let his team give up, he kept performing in a consistent manner, even with all the emotions that come from being behind, he stuck to the game plan. His consistency inspired the rest of the team’s play. Tom called the right ‘audibles’ and delivered solid throws

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    . He kept going. His performance only got better, even when the game was going the wrong direction.

  2. Winners Mindset – Tom made sure his mind was right. He believed he could win, so he did. He never doubted. Even with a massive deficit, he trusted his team. He trusted his coach. He trusted himself. Tom Brady truly believed that his team was better, it proved to be so. He doubted his doubt and listened to his inner courage, his inner voice of strength.
  3. Trusted Experience – he relied on the fact that he had done this before. He had won the big game and didn’t worry about the minor setbacks because in the end, the planning, preparation, endurance, and training will shine through if everyone on the team has the proper mindset and is consistent. He had been there before and felt he could do it again.

The main reason:

Success in the beginning is not nearly as important as success at the end.

That is a true lesson for life, for business, for relationships, and for health. The most important time to perform is after all the trials come, not before. When you perform consistently, with strong belief, and rely on previous experience, you can overcome the odds and become triumphant.

Your mindset determines your actions. Your actions determine your outcome. Learn from your mistakes to make the people around you better. Keep going. Endure the struggles to make sure you are in a position to succeed at the end.

The Way Will Find You

The more we are aware of what we want, the more we can take the proper action that will help us get there

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. What we do should always be aligned with what we want. Most people don’t know what they want. They can’t find the bridges to connect the present to the future. The trick is not in finding a bridge, but letting the bridge find you. You do that through awareness and action. As you decide what you want and then act, others will notice your action, others will help you, you will find a way, the bridges will appear before you. Once the bridge is there, you still must walk across. Your will to achieve will help create your way.

Truth vs. Meaning

Truth is hard to find, yet easy to define. Meaning is hard to define, yet easy to find.

Truth doesn’t change, yet must be searched. Meaning is always changing, yet runs away when you look for it

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Meaning is really found when you stop thinking about yourself and start focusing on others. As your story becomes a story that includes others, you find meaning. As your story includes moments of helping others, your purpose gets define. Meaning is found once selfishness is given up. Selfishness kills meaning.

Truth is real and as your search for it, you can find it. Meaning is found as we help others.

Confidence can be…

Insecurity is often loud while pretending to be quiet

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. Faith is quiet. Hope is quiet. Faith and hope lead to confidence.
Confidence can be loud. Confidence should be loud, at least inside your mind it should be the only thing you listen to.

Yours to Explore

Exploring something/place new adds value to our life. Variety is a human need. Some people need it more than others

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. We all can experience the same “location” in different ways. One way is not better than another.  It is your life, own it, feel it, discover it. Explore in the way that is right for you.