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The purpose of this site is to accumulate and share knowledge. As an avid learner I believe in education; self and formal (mostly self!). My favorite topics include: confidence, history, sports, SaaS, leadership, international affairs, global leadership, special needs investing, business, trust, mediation, sales, logistics, technology, conservatorships/guardianships, motivation, data, conflict resolution, culture, success, youth mentoring, and family. When I am not with my wife, children, family, a book, or playing sports, I might be found listening, advising, teaching, presenting, speaking, selling, or consulting.

IMG_5490My mission is to help individuals and organizations drive new growth through strategies built on trust and confidence. No matter what adventure we are in, the personal relationship built on trust is going to win out every time

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. Those relationships only can be ignited when all sides are confident in themselves and each other.

Formal Education:

University of San Diego, MSc International Business/Global Leadership

Brigham Young University, BS Sociology

Places I have lived (my homes):

Boise | Yuma | Hong Kong

London | New York | Houston

Salt Lake City | San Diego | Scottsdale

My favorite places away from home:

Salvador | Krefeld

Amsterdam | Vancouver

Mareo: Father | Husband | Story-teller | Motivator


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