High Esteem

When you are confident you trust and believe in your ability. When you have high self-esteem you know your true worth, your value. They are both needed to be able to maximize your potential. Self-esteem and self-confidence go hand-in-hand. Your worth is not tied to your achievements, it is tied to something much bigger, the universal truth that we are all important, that we all have value and that we all matter. The more people can feel and understand their worth, the more courage they will have. With courage, you can fulfill your potential.

Discipline and Routine

Discipline is not just having a routine. Routines are easy to follow when everything is going perfectly. Discipline means sticking to your values and principles when you are thrown out of your game when the situation is unfamiliar, and your normal life is torn apart. Discipline is the strength to act in the face of adversity. Routines are great when life is simple – when it is not – you need discipline.

Be Fair Even Though Life Isn’t

Life isn’t fair. But you can be a fair person. We can always treat others fairly. That doesn’t mean you treat everyone the same. That wouldn’t be fair. You treat¬†people as individuals since they are unique and they must be valued uniquely. By seeing others as people you can treat them the way they need to be treated, as unique people with needs and wants as valid as your own.