Good & Bad

When someone is trying to do what is right, but is not yet perfect…

When someone is trying to learn, but is not yet educated enough…

When someone is trying to do good, but is not yet good enough…

Support. Encourage. Help.

Support & encouragement go much farther than condemnation (i.e. works better)

Those who condemn those who are trying: are the real bad people. (hypocrites, self-centered, etc.)

Create Faith Not Fear

Most fear is invented. It was taught. Fear is most often not based on reality. It is based on the potential reality that becomes true as we allow the thoughts to live within us. If we control our thoughts the right way, most fear will leave. If we adjust our perspective, we often can’t even see the old fear anymore.

Likewise, faith and hope are created. The more we think about faith and hope the more we create it.

Don’t Sacrifice Today

Now is the only time we can control. The past is not real. The future can become real. Now is the only time we have the ability to control.

That is why excuses are always damaging. Excuses sacrifice the present to justify the past while crippling the future.

Creating Stories

We are the main character in our story.

Every word we speak adds to our story.

Every thought we think adds to our story.

We create our stories by the words we speak and the thoughts we think.

Our story can uplift our lives or can bring us down.

Our life is our story.



The Fundamentals

Fundamentals are the foundation. Without a foundation, nothing stands.

The fundamentals of relationships are trust and respect.

The fundamentals of business are value and delivery.

The fundamentals of love are hope and kindness.

Build the foundation right and everything you build will stand firm.

The Skill of Confidence

Confidence is a skill. Like all skills, confidence can be learned. To learn confidence we must let go of the lies we tell ourselves so we can embrace the truth. Once we have eliminated the wrong stories, we can tell ourselves better, new stories that enable our growth. With confidence we can reach our potential, with confidence we can become the best versions of ourselves.


Happy Birthday, Gero!