Appreciate & Appreciate

It doesn’t matter if you are appreciated. It only matters if you appreciate. You need to show appreciation and you need to keep improving yourself. Not for the praise of others, but so you can better praise others. So you can better serve and better love. Those who give the most are the most satisfied. Always. Appreciate your blessings. Appreciate your value.

Share What You Have

What you carry with you determines the level of help you provide to others. It is only possible to share what you have. If someone needs your love, give it. If someone needs your light, share it. Share what they need so you can give them what they want. You are enough. Bring your complete self and share without reservation.

Beautiful Love

We can all learn to Love. When you love someone, you want for them what they want for themselves. When you love someone, you forget to be selfish. When you love someone, your own desires evaporate in an effort to lift and support another. I am thankful I am loved by those closest to me. Thankful for the opportunity to learn to love more.

Happy Birthday Emilie, Thank You For Loving Me, I Love You.

Falling Leaves

Renewal is any change that helps us progress. When the leaves change, they might be dying, but the tree is growing. Sometimes we need to let go of the bad, to truly grow. We need to cut of what is holding us back even though we love it, it order to allow room for the good we seek.

Plastic Seduction

Finding joy in spite of misunderstanding helps us see the world as it should be seen. Misunderstanding often arrises when we see something one way, when truly it is another. When something looks real and ends up being fake. What we feel is real, often isn’t. What we see as true, often is a lie. Plastic does not create, it does not produce. It is used to seduce. Step back and think, step back into yourself. Let your brain relax so your soul can soar.

Show You Care

Life is too short to take relationships for granted. Do not think because you have someone today, you will have them tomorrow. This is not just for family but especially true for all business relationships.  Show your colleagues, clients, partners, and mentors you care.