Matching Your Desires

We are driven by desires. 

The desire to eat…

to breathe… 

to be loved…

to be wanted… 

to matter.

Our actions always match our truest desires. 

Faith and Fear often influence our desires. When fear wins, our desires become wrong and hold us back. When faith wins, our desires help us grow. 

Thoughtful Adjustments

No matter how negative our thoughts become, if we stay disconnected from them, we can easily connect to the proper thoughts faster. Then we can adjust, and once we realize we are not our thoughts – but rather are souls with thoughts, then adjusting our thoughts becomes easier. 

Be Hasty To Take Action

Retreating from the struggle of life often requires us to deny our true selves. Be hasty in taking positive action, and careful when deciding to do nothing. Deeper sorrow and more painful is the road where the obstacles are initially avoided, not out of wisdom, but because of lack of courage. 

The Same But Different

Associating with people with differences is needed and wonderful. Associating with people who have different values, end goals, and ambitions is often detrimental to your desired results. Find and connect with those who are different, but in the end, want the same things.