Don’t Trust All of It

Theories are all partially true. Just because one aspect is true, it doesn’t prove every claim to be true. You don’t have to trust everything to trust something.

Find truth and throw away the rest. Don’t let the dogma, pressure, or influence of others cause you to believe it all.

Every theory has holes. None are whole. Truth is truth no matter where you find it. Lies are lies no matter where they come from.

Systems Save You

Your system is your safety net. Your system is your foundation. When the right systems are followed with the right actions, moments of genius are welcome but not required. This is why consistency works – continuous action at the right time for the right purpose always beats out one-time brilliance.

More Than Empathy

The data shows that empathy is good, but without compassion is damaging to all involved.

Empathy is feelings, compassion is often considered “advanced actionable empathy” since it includes the desire to also help, to relieve the suffering and burden.

If you have the desire to help, then your entire approach changes and everyone eventually benefits.

Building Character

Character is built. Character is not innate, it is not in-born. Character comes from our values and beliefs and how committed we are to manifesting them with our physical actions. With every situation we are in, we get the chance to build our character. We choose the material (truth or lies, kindness or selfishness, work or laziness, humility or pride) we build with.


When you care enough, you are enough.

When you care enough, they will be enough.

When you care enough, there is always enough.

Awareness Starts Improvement

Awareness helps you decide a course of action.

Action creates outcomes.

Analysis of the outcomnes helps you create better awareness for next time.

As long as you always make sure there is a next time, you are still in the game, you are still growing, still improving.

Google Doesn’t Create Experts — Experience, Failure and Success Do

If someone has been down the road you are on, ask them for their ideas and listen to their experience.

When someone is an expert, trust their wisdom.

We all must learn and earn to gain our own knowledge, but our growth is accelerated when we trust those who have finished what we are just starting.

It takes humility to admit our own situation isn’t so unique that we have nothing to learn from others. General truth is far more important than specific excuses.

The opposite is pride and is evident when we trust our own ideas over those who have the expertise, knowledge, wisdom, and experience to help us be better.