Diversity always wins. Diversity of thought. Diversity in action. Diversity in technique. There is no progress is staying the same. We always must be improving and using diverse ways to create new success. Diverse people with diverse experiences is the best way to build a team. Diverse ideas united by diverse actions is the way to drive new growth. More than respect, accept diversity. Embrace diversity and it will serve you forever.


We all want and need to be validated. The idea that you can be invalidated is false. You can only feel invalidated if you make that decision to allow the opinions of others to determine your self-worth. Easy to say, hard to do. We can seek validation while avoiding the feeling of being invalidated. By focusing on what we can offer and not what others say, we validate ourselves and ignore anything that doesn’t help us accomplish our mission.

Make it Brighter

Your world is brighter as long as you are looking at your situation the right way. No matter where we are, our direction matters. Our focus determines our direction. It is all changeable. We can change our world by changing our focus. When we see things as full and good and real, that is what happens to our entire world. You choose the brightness by choosing our focus.

Finding Miracles

When you meet someone who changes your life, Hold On. When you meet someone who makes you better, Stay Close. Since our life is really just our relationships, always focus on the people that are in your life. Miracles are created by relationships that make everything a little better.

I am thankful I met Emilie 11 years ago. So thankful we held on.

You Belong

You belong everywhere. If you don’t belong it is because you choose not to belong, not because others tell you that you are not enough, that you are no worthy, that you are too different. Let your differences be a light, let your uniqueness drive change. Make sure that you are choosing and not letting others choose for you.

Create Fire

Fire needs fuel. The quality of the fire is determined by the amount and substance of the fuel. When your personal fuel is made up of a desire to succeed, the willingness to help others, and the ability to do good work. Your fire will be strong. Fire spreads the more fuel it has available. Bring the others on your journey, combine your fuel. Create fire.

Lonely Road

While your road might feel cold and lonely, the truth is, you are where you have chosen to be and you will go where you chose to go and the road itself is something we do not have control over. When you feel cold, know that it will get better. When you feel lonely, invite others along your journey. Keep working, keep pushing toward your destination, and your road will get better.

Showing Up

Showing up is the foundation of EVERYTHING. All your relationships require your presence. All success requires you to be in the right place. No matter what, show up for those you care about. Show up and watch your life get better. When you show up, everyone will know what to expect from you and will trust and rely on you. When you are trusted, you can accomplish anything.

Standing Alone

Standing alone does not mean you need to be lonely. You can always search and find people who share your values and build relationships with them. Connect with people who don’t share your values to expand your horizons and to learn. Never change your values, but accept and respect others. Standing for what you believe doesn’t always work, in the short term; but it ALWAYS works, eventually.

Your Perfect World

The sun is not brighter just because you see it differently. Your perfect world is just that: yours. Don’t force a sea lion to live in the mountains. Don’t force a mountain lion to live in a jungle. Don’t force the ideas of others on yourself. Don’t force your perfect world on the world of others.