Every 1 Able

Every person is always able to achieve their dreams. The potential is there, the vision, willingness and courage are what needs to be found. Yet, they are NEVER found, only created. Action creates everything we need to accomplish our dreams. Action helps us define our vision. Action proves our willingness. Action is courage realized.

Faith Overcomes Fear

Fear is needed, so you know where to stand. If you give in to your fears, you have lost. Your heart and soul are destroyed if fear stops you from moving forward. Find your fears and then move past them. This is what you need and what others need from you. As you act in faith, your fear can be overcome.

Happy Birthday, Annamaria!

Simple Is Best

The most special things in life are also the most simple. Anytime something adds complexity, the value starts to diminish. Focus on the simple things and your life will have more meaning: Family, Faith, Friends, Food, Fitness.