Unfaltering Resolve

Resolve to organize your most precious resource: time. Don’t sacrifice your time for things that do not help you, help others, or help you help others. It takes commitment and dedication to use your time wisely if you resolve to do it, you can.

Growing Pains

Our biggest obstacles are always close to our hearts, they are our excuses. We embrace them because they are easy to believe, soothing,  and hard to let go. Excuses temporarily relieve the pain of accountability. The suffering that comes when we choose to be responsible for every aspect of our life is the same hurt that enables us to fulfill our potential, to grow, and to find out what we really are capable of. Without the growing pains, we will never become whole.

8 Laws of Leadership

Universal Laws of Leadership:

  1. Effort, Results, and Achievement Are More Important Than Recognition
  2. CourageAre More Important Than Comfort
  3. Helping & Caring For Others Is More Important than Results or Achievement
  4. Gratitude Is More Important Than Success
  5. Purpose Is More Important Than Money
  6. Learning Is More Important Than Previous Experience
  7. Questions Are More Important Than Answers
  8. Cooperation & Collaboration Are More Important Than Ego or Status


Needing It

Your passion should seem to others as an addiction. Even though you are in control, everyone else must think you have no other option but to follow your purpose. Because once you believe that version of the story yourself, you will not let anything stop you from fulfilling it. Just like a drowning man needs air, we all must find and follow our purpose.

Better Questions

Asking the right questions opens all the right doors. If you are confident enough to ask vulnerable questions, you will be able to serve others better, help yourself, and create growth. Questions, when asked correctly, are evidence of curiosity.  Concern, Care, and Curiosity drive all true relationships. Relationships drive success. Learn to ask better questions.