Read Slow

As we take the time read, we need to read slower. We need to ponder more. Reading gives us the platform to form our own opinions or learn something new. When we read too fast we don’t do either. We accumulate some knowledge, but the information is not applied and not recallable. As we think about what we read we can begin to make connections to the words on the page with the realities of our life. Our reality is made up of how we perceive and act. As we act more slowly, our life becomes better. Read slower for a better life.

Damaged & Healing

We are all damaged. We are all healing. It is a process. It is a cycle. Our damage allows us to feel, to learn, to grow, to understand. Our healing allows us to keep going, to help others, to appreciate. The process of getting broken and becoming healed is something we should embrace. Whatever we claim, whatever we embrace, then becomes a powerful tool rather than an obstacle. Accept that we are not perfect, but acknowledge that we will heal.


Symbols help us remember. Symbols help us feel. Symbols, while devoid of true meaning, help us access our own personal meaning. I need my symbols. My wedding ring to symbolize that I have someone who fights for me. Airplanes to symbolize possibility. Books to symbolize adventure and learning. Dirty children’s socks lying everywhere to symbolize love and freedom of spirit.


We all need our space. We can share that space, but it still must be our own. Space is better when limited to what truly makes us happy. We have so many different kinds of space…physical space, relationship space, work space, mind space. Each space can be different. In each space you can be different. Value your space. Let yourself have your space. Create the space you need while helping others do the same.

Be Accurate

If we judge a person we are just judging ourselves. Be kind in your judgements. Every word spoken is a reflection of our inner self. Until we have taken the time to understand the true desires of another, our assumptions will always be incomplete. Incomplete = Inaccurate. Inaccuracy is a result of not enough information. Inaccuracy is what kills patients during surgery, what kills drivers during nascar, and what kills relationships all the world over. Be more accurate.

Different Paths

Every journey, no matter how similar is different. My journey is not your journey. The road changes, the people switch, the challenges adjust, and we all have different experiences. Yet, the lessons are the same. We must grow. We must find truth. We must help others. We must love, we must be loved. We must produce and add value. We must share. We must teach. We must learn. By doing these things we become more human, and therefore, we don’t erase pain, we just find happiness in spite of the pain. The story of people is experiences. As we learn to value those experiences we can find happiness in the journey.

Time Out

You need time for yourself. Time when you are not trying to impress others. Time when you are not trying to get something. Time to separate. Time to reflect. Time never comes back. It is always moving. Don’t waste it, use. Being busy usually is wasting time. Don’t waste time by doing things that don’t add value to your life or someone else’s. Recharge enough to be as better version of yourself. Creating time for yourself is the first step to mental wellbeing. In order to help others more, you must be your best self. Take a bath.

Multi-tasking Shows Commitment Issues

We humans are not good at multi-tasking. We think we are good though because it is actually easier than focusing on one thing. Focus takes commitment. That is why so many businesses and marriages fail. The truth is as we focus on one thing, for a long period of time, our results turn out so much better. Choose one path, one goal, one road to explore and watch yourself grow. When we commit we will produce more. We will help more. We will create more.