Doubt Will Not Enter

Whenever doubts follows you, chases you around, surrounds your every move – just know – no matter how close it gets, it can never hurt you, it can never enter your home unless you decide to let it in. Doubt is always there but can never take the final step, that is up to you. As long as you deny doubt with faith, with action, with purpose, with commitment, doubt can never truly hurt you.

Dedicated Effort

Dedicated effort always beats sudden moments of inspiration. Consistency delivers true revelation, true power, true innovation, and true results where sudden bursts of energy sometimes help but never will provide the long-term success that dedicated effort always creates.

Choose A Pattern

Everything you think about is a choice. If your thoughts do not help you, change them. Once you find a pattern that enables you to become your best keep following that pattern. When you are committed to something, nothing else matters. Love what you choose and stay committed.