While we think we travel at the speed of time, we actually are traveling at the speed of our heart. If our heart is willing to adjust, adapt, and accept then we go fast, we grow, we progress. If our heart is closed, stuck and stubborn, then our ability to go anywhere meaningful is prohibited. 

The Door To Open Truth & Eradicate Conflict

Truth is not always true. 

Truth is not always The Truth. 

There are two types of truth and often, people confuse the them. 

  1. Personal Truth: emotions, feelings, opinions, perspectives – true for a moment in time but can change, limited application
  2. Universal Truth: facts, not based on mood or personal responses, apply to everyone, don’t change, eternal 
Most of the time when there are misunderstandings, disagreements, and arguments it is not because the facts are wrong or different, it is because the ideas supporting the facts are not aligned. 
When someone says “Look at the facts!” or “the truth is..” most of the time they mean “this is my interpretation of the events” or “my perspective of the situation says that…” 
It is very rare that when two people with humility, decide together to logically look at the “true truth” (the real facts), that there will ever be heated conflict or even basic disagreement. 

As we focus on the needs and wants of others, we can begin to care the right way, so the door to truth can be opened. Then we can accept that recognition and validation are both important and the keys that unlock the door are courage, awareness, compassion, and intellectual honesty. 

Humility Does Not Equal Modesty

Humility is understanding your strengths and limitations. 

Humility is when you admit dependence on another. 

Humility is when you appreciate and look for truth. 

Humility is willingness to be taught by others. 

Humility is what allows you to grow and learn.

Humility is appreciating others.

Humility is intellectual honesty.