The Kindness of Courage

The secret sauce to ultimate leadership is courage. It is courage that is shown in kindness. When you lead with kindness you will finally bring out the best in everyone. You will become a true multiplier.

Magic Is Created

Magic is created, it doesn’t just appear (magically!). Sales are won, not given. Relationships are earned, not rewarded. Your highest potential in life is secured by your efforts not granted based solely based off of your existence. Own your results so you can own the benefits.

New Ideas

If you always just do what you think is best, you might feel good in the short term, but long-term you will always let yourself down. Growth is found in accepting truth, guidance, advice, and ideas from others and then combining your new knowledge to form better opportunities, new inspiration, and better results for you and those in your stewardship.

Complexity Needs Quality

The more complex a problem, the higher the quality of the solution is needed. Quality always translates into reliability. Once you can rely on the solution, your ability to create and be creative is multiplied. When situations (people, processes, tech, machines, relationships, etc..)  are complex, you need to first be able to trust your solution. Once the trust is in place, then you can innovate and optimize. Quality translates into peace of mind and enables growth in all areas of life. Don’t settle for less than the best.  Both in business or in life, you deserve the right to quality in order to drive growth and solve problems.

Being Useful Drives Fulfillment

Remember, your happiness and your success are not actually about you. Your fulfillment is always found when your purpose is aligned with your actions, and those actions are focused outward rather than inward based on the impact you have on others. Your impact is your ability to be useful. The more useful you become, the more fulfillment you will achieve.

How To Be Wanted

Solving problems is the best way to win someone’s trust and create reliance. When you can first erase their pain then help them achieve their dreams, your presence will always be wanted. Helping others is how you enable the relationship to grow. Serving others encourages connection. Solving problems makes you wanted.


Greed comes in many forms. It is not just about material possessions. You can be greedy with or for love, greedy with or for approval, greedy with your time, greedy with knowledge — anything you desire (value) and work to attain more than you work for and desire for your relationships becomes negative greed.  Greed kills real relationships.

Show Yourself

Transparency builds rewarding relationships. The more you hide, the less fulfilled you will feel, the less growth you will achieve, and the more worried you will always be. When you are open and honest about who you are and what you do, the right type of people will be attracted to you. When you are fully transparent there is no need for the deceptive masks of public presentation. You don’t need the facade of perfection. If you accept yourself, then others can finally accept you as well.