Fruits of Truth

Conviction does not equal reality.

People can be convicted of crimes they didn’t commit. We can be convinced of falsehoods that appear true.

Our convictions show what we allow to become true in our minds. As we choose to be convicted and convinced of the truth, our life will get better.

To find the truth, look for the fruits of truth. Truth doesn’t lie. Results cannot bear false witness.

Your Spiritual Side

If you want to express yourself, you must do it holistically. Your spirituality cannot be separated from your professional. Just like your body and spirit combine to make your soul – you are a complete person so you must express all parts and dimensions in order to truly live your potential.

Strategy is Strategy

Tactics are tactics. Strategy is strategy. Tactics are not a strategy. A real strategy is when the tactics are chosen, organized, planned, and resourced. Multiple tactics working together for a certain goal and aligned with purpose, support, and thoughtfulness is how basic actions turn into a true strategy.