Immense Power

Sacrficing self for others is always worth it when the other values your sacrifice. Your worth is incredible. Your power immense. Let your light shine so others can benefit. Do not waste your light. Help those who want to be helped.

Moving Forward

We are always moving. Sometimes we think we are stuck. If you are stuck, you are really regressing. Change is good as it allows us to pivot. Choose the change, don’t make the change choose you. Choice increases flexibility. Sometimes flexibility can be bad if it stops us from committing. Stay committed to something as long as you are moving forward.

Structural Changes

The structure is bigger than the process. We grow because of change. Change happens when the process is in place. The structure determines how effective the process is. Learn how to change the structure for exponential growth.

When You Truly Understand Your Customer, Growth Will Skyrocket!

When you put the needs of the customer first, relationships are won.

True salespeople commit to prioritizing people first, always. Businesses are run by people. Relationships based on empathy, understanding, and goal alignment will always find success.

Value is determined by the buyer. The sales teams that grow are the ones who understand the client’s wants, desires, and needs by making every interaction worthwhile.

Rules for Engagement:

Rule # 1: Make Every Interaction Beneficial – Deliver Extreme Value (insights & proof)  

Rule # 2: Show Empathy Through Curiosity (understanding & goal alignment)

Rule # 3: Proactively & Collaboratively Solve Real Problems (expertise & execution)

Valued sales reps don’t waste the customers time. Wasting time is a choice.

Common theme: Empathy will win relationships. With enough understanding, the best sales reps create measurable positive change, that always will win sales.

Customers want to Improve – the best sales teams show them how.

Most companies do this wrong. They talk about themselves. They want to be “seen” as experts rather than provide expertise. The best companies don’t talk about themselves. They turn their users into heroes, over and over again. The best companies create a unified mission. The best companies paint a vision of the future and invite others to join them.

Humans care about themselves. They care about their own problems. Every person needs to be listened to. Every person needs to be understood. The best sales teams help the customer look good.

Top performers create connection based on mutual understanding, and sales always continue to rise for them. Connection solidifies purpose and relationships.

The best sales organizations don’t waste time. They don’t waste the customers time and they don’t waste their own time.

With complex B2B sales, there are lots of people to listen to and lots of needs to understand. Major enterprise sales have lots of complexity to simplify and lots of value propositions to explain.

The top producing sales reps work hard to find the quickest path to solving real problems. They understand the business and they understand the customer. They understand the product and they collaborate to drive new processes that change behavior.

The secret to more sales is delivering more innovation and insight. This can only be done by putting people first.

The more we give, the more we can help. This is what they best sales teams do. This is what the companies we all want to work with do. They give more than the others. They give more service. They give more results. They give more solutions.

The highest performing sales reps always give the most. They deliver the most. They help the most.

This method serves everyone, everywhere.

Joy Is About Alignment

Joy lasts a long time. Pleasure doesn’t. We don’t always do what is in our best interest. Pleasure is tricky. We chase it more than we chase joy, yet it always leaves and never truly satisfies. Joy comes from alignment. Aligning your actions with you dreams and values.

Focus Increases Value

When you focus on one thing you learn to appreciate it. When you appreciate what you have you become a better person. When you appreciate relationships in your life your life gets better, you feel more fulfilled. Appreciation comes from focus and from dedication. Learn to love what you have, share your love with those you know, and you will be the person everyone wants to have around. The more you notice and focus on something, the more valuable it becomes.

Ignore Differences

Tastes matter. Preferences matter. You matter. They matter. We are all different. We all have different tastes. It is easy to connect with people with similar tastes. It is harder to feel connected to those we view as too different. Notice the differences so you can serve others. Ignore them so you can connect better.