Not Known, But Needed

While changing, while transforming – you will never have all the answers. The good thing is, you don’t need them. Focus on what you do know, and where you are wanting to go, so you can ask the right questions to gain access to what you don’t know, but need. There is so much you don’t know but don’t need to know either. Focus brings clarity. 

More Satisfied

Your family, your close network of friends, your inner circle are the ones who help you determine everything important. Your health, you happiness, your wealth all improve when your support system is strong and vibrant. First, you a must have an inner circle. Second, they must be good for you. That is how you drive increased satisfaction. 

Highest Form of Control

The highest form of control is internal resistance against external force. This control, defined as resistence, is self-mastery at its finest. The more you resist what others force (emotional, social, physical) upon you, the more self-control you create and the more courage you develop. 

The Complexity of Courage

Courage is complex. 

Courage is doing the right thing in the face of fear, pain, or grief. 

Sometimes, knowing what is right is difficult. That is where the complexity comes in.

Yet, as we:

  • strive to take the right risks, without taking on unnecessary risk…
  • focus on our values…
  • focus on our principles… 
  • focus on the needs and wants others… 
  • focus on truth… 

We can find what is right based on how we feel and the alignment between our heart and mind. Once we know what is right, courage is found in taking action. The more action we take that is right, the more courage we create.