Absolute Best

Sometimes you need to do what is absolutely┬ábest. Not pretty good, or the right thing, but the ultimate no other option best-best for you and your family. This means you can’t have it both ways. You need to sacrifice something good for something better. This means you need to decide what your priorities are and then commit to them. This means that no matter who is against you, you need to make sure you and family are on the same page. Make a choice, stick with it, be excited, and do what you know you must. Do what is best and you will be blessed.

Doubt Overcome

Overcoming doubt is the true secret to confidence. If you can act and keep taking action, your doubt will be proven wrong. It just takes some of us longer than others. Taking the time to take action is the best remedy to overcome the paralyzing grip of self-doubt.

New Stories

We all believe things that are not true. They are false beliefs that cause us to fail to reach our full potential. To change the beliefs we need to change the stories. As we change the stories we tell ourselves, our beliefs can change and then we can change. We can grow and live up to our true greatness.

Mind Your Home

Nothing you do outside of your home is more important than what happens inside of your home. Relationships, learning, thoughts, discipline, work, effort, and love. It is all there and all more important than the outside world. Change what you can, ignore what you can’t. Your mind is your ultimate home. Take care of that the best.

Get Ahead

Staying current is not enough, it never is. You must be ahead, you must plan in advance and be proactive. If you are just keeping up you have already lost. Get ahead by thinking about others, what they want and then give it to them. Often, just a little concern and care can give you all the insight you need. When you give others what they want before they ask, you will always be ahead, always.