Believe That

Your actions prove what you believe. Actions always win. It doesn’t matter what you say, your actions are stronger and speak louder. When you truly believe something, nothing will get in your way of acting on the belief. When your belief is weak or uncommitted, then you might or might not take the needed action. You can believe whatever you want. Faith is a belief in something that is true. Belief is a choice, while faith has to be based on truth. Choose what you believe and act on it. You will find your truth along the way.

How Good ?

However good you want to be will be proven by your actions. Your willingness to sacrifice shows how good you really want to be. Your ambition supported by your actions and character will determine your greatness.


Grinding away can grind it all away. Take time to reflect and reposition yourself. Smartly work toward your goal, be results focused, not time obsessed. When you are giving it your all, make sure who you are giving it to is someone that will appreciate you for the long-haul.

7CS (Seven C’s of Sales)

Communication – no matter what else is in place, if the message is not understood, nothing ever happens. No relationships are formed and no value is ever shared without solid communication. This is the foundation of all sales.

Care (includes: curiosity, compassion, and craftsmanship) – While not the foundation, this is the #1 most important characteristic of great sales professionals. No one cares about you until they know how much you care about them. When you care, you will do anything and everything to become better and to help others. Your care for the problem and for the customer is driven by humility.

  • Curiosity: The desire to understand and learn erases most skill-gaps. Curiosity is what allows you to understand others and the situation and see the big picture. Curiosity means you are humble enough to learn, which means you are humble enough to help.
  • Compassion: This is what drives you to help others.
  • Craftsmanship: When you care you will do whatever it takes to become the best in your field, you will develop the skills, abilities, and knowledge you need. When you are a master of your craft, your results and effort will be trusted.

Character – true character is about honesty, keeping your word, sharing truth, transparency, aligned goals, and not having to remember what you said. Winning relationships are fortified by strong character.

Confidence – You need to instill confidence in others. They need to believe that you and your product (service) will help them gain value, reduce risk, and reduce costs. This is about taking action and showing enthusiasm. No amount of skill can make up for lack of action. Passion insights confidence. Confidence is an emotion as well as an action.

Courage – Your ability to say what needs to be said, to do what needs to be done at the right time is how you display courage. It won’t be easy to tell someone they are wrong, or their idea won’t work, but being courageous is what allows space for growth. You know what must be done, you know the right way to do things, taking the right action is the only way to show courage.

Creativity – Boring doesn’t get remembered. Be creative to create an impression. Boring is hard work. Engage your team, your client, and your prospects by doing things differently. When mundane activities become new and fresh, they are much easier to embrace. Creativity creates excitement and buy-in.

Commitment – When you get others to keep commitments, everyone improves. Keeping commitments is the openly way relationships progress. Actions need to happen in order for change to take place. Keep your commitments and help others keep theirs.


Hardest Job

When you do the hardest job in the world very well that makes you one of the best, and a master of your craft.

Being a mother is the hardest job in the world. I am thankful for my wonderful mother, amazing mother-in-law and incredible wife, the 3 best Mother’s I know.

Plus honorable mention to so many others I met and were examples and lights in my life… Thanks to all.