Definite and Flexible

Keep your goals definite and your plans flexible. Focus on the final result while adjusting the strategy as you go. Nothing is ever final, you can always adjust, or change, or challenge, or switch. Make quick changes that always point you in the directions of your goals. If you make a mistake, change. Do not worry about saving face, or changing your mind. Only do what you know and feel is best for you and your family.

Energy Leaks

Energy is always moving, always going somewhere. You can use it or you can lose it. Use your energy for positive work, do not let it slip, do not let it leak, do not let it drip away. Use it and you will find more contentment. Use it and you will make better decisions.

Knowledge To Help

The greatest of all are people who know how to combine their personal experience with current and future situations. They take their knowledge gained and apply it in new ways to create benefits for others. To be someone who influences others, use your past to help guide their future.

Trust Turns To Respect

Trust is built over time. It can be started and sparked instantly based on a smile, or specific appearance, or recommendation. Yet, true trust takes time. Trust can also be injured instantly. Often, never to be repaired again. Focus on your integrity and character and you will be trusted. Focus on your expertise and your work product will be trusted. Combine both and you will be respected.

Your Value To Them

Features do not determine value. Change in results and ease of use determine value. Benefits are subjective. Results are not. If you can help others meet their objectives, easily, then they will value you. This is not about your intrinsic value as a person, but how you let your value shine and use it to help others.

Stories Retold

It hurts to be called an amateur, when you work so hard. It hurts to be rejected. It hurts to be underappreciated. It hurts to be corrected. Yet, you can embrace and overcome the criticism, and by doing so you learn and grow. We all believe the stories we tell ourselves, don’t let the stories of others become your own. You must put your own spin on everything. Stories can be re-told to overcome pain. Since you can re-tell the story, tell the story of your life in a way that you want to be known and heard.

Position Does Matter

Your position always matters. Your position determines how you feel and how those around you feel. Whether in business, in sleep, in sports, or in love. Positioning is important. Make sure to do the work to place yourself in the best possible position.

Want To Talk? Wanting To Help.

When you are working to find people, you understand the love and pain that is needed to get the work done. When people don’t want to talk with you, it makes your struggle more real, more important. But, you keep going, you keep walking, you keep talking.

Every step is a push into the future, toward a friend to make, toward driving the master’s plan, and your most important task is to there waiting to be accomplished.