Aspire Through Systems

Systems are formalized and automatic routines. The better the system, the less likely you are to deviate. To have the life you want, first develop the systems that will create the outcomes for the life you aspire to.

Helping is Kind

Showing kindness is the ultimate way to help others. It might be physical, it might be behind the scenes, it might be a smile, it might be an encouraging word… No matter what type of kindness, all service and help can be traced back to a foundation of kindness. Be kind and you will always be helping others.

Stop It

Success is as much about stopping as it is about doing. Of course, you must do the right things but just stop as well. Stop letting the opinions of others determine how you feel. Stop making excuses. Stop waiting. Stop listening to your fears. Stop refusing help from others.

The Right Emotions

Emotions can disrupt us if we let them. Fear can disrupt our ability to take action. Insecurity can disrupt our ability to create relationships. Desperation can disrupt our ability to see the bigger picture. Worry can disrupt our ability to be happy now. Attachment can disrupt our ability to grow. Sometimes emotions can enable us. If we are eager to help others, and work hard to help others feel significant, we can empower others by directing our emotions. We can be excited and passionate. When we choose the right emotions, we can begin to help others.

Tie Goes To The Runner

All tiebreakers go to the runner. That is, the person is who taking the most action. Not the person waiting for something to happen, but the person creating the action. When you are equal, or similar, or the same as someone else – the person who takes the most action in the right direction will win, always.

Not Harsh

You don’t have to be harsh, abrasive, or rude to tell the truth. You can be kind, gentle and supportive while still delivering hard to hear messages.  The choice is yours. No one is forcing you to be a jerk. Think about the other person first and your relationships will get better and more honest.

Fear Doesn’t Like To Battle

Fear hates confrontation. Fear is best faced directly. Confront your fear and you will find that you are much stronger than your fear.  Fear is just one of many emotions. Emotional awareness coupled with control allows you to maximize all of your emotions while still working toward the best outcomes. When you are in control, your fear will disappear.