Safety Slows Growth

We want to create success, yet we often do things that directly oppose our potential. Usually, this is because of fear. Fear of the unknown causes people to make choices that are “safe”.  Most safe choices will never maximize potential. Determine what you want, and then take the required risks to go get it.

Enough Passion?

Passion is the fuel that makes life worth it. It creates enthusiasm, it builds energy and supports growth. Passion is magnetic and helps people trust you as well. More passion helps you be more of who you really are. Passion bring everything to life.


Contentment is tricky. You should always be content with what you have. You should never be content with what you have done. It is about impact over things, influence over material possessions. Being content with what you have brings peace and satisfaction, not being content with your contributions allows you to keep growing, to keep serving, and to keep helping.

Own It

It always about choices. If you can’t do something, change your choices until what you truly desire is possible. Learn something new, help someone, change your job, get new friends, move if you have to. It is never someone else’s fault, even if they did cause the problem, your reaction is 100% yours. Own it.

Pride + Ego + Fear = Anti-Growth

No amount of pride is worth separation. No amount of ego is justifiable for missing out on needed relationships. As we learn to grow, we learn to let go of pride and ego, as they are the two biggest reasons we choke our own progress. Followed by fear, fear is next. Do not let ego, pride, and fear get in the way of achieving your potential.

Learn From Success Too

Learn what to do is important. Learning what not to do is important. Don’t glorify one at the expense of the other. Don’t only learn from failure, succeed some as well. Learn what it takes and learn what ingredients are not needed. Then you can craft a better recipe.

Consistency Over Intensity

Consistency is more important than intensity. Intensity is needed, yet sparingly. If you go intense all the time, you are actually never getting to deliver maximum effort. Intensity by definition is maximum effort and requires extended rest after exertion. Consistency allows you to keep going, often, all the time. Consistency increases confidence and skill.