Help From The Heart

God will help you because he wants you to succeed. The truth is universal, life is a test and there is so much power in seeking the higher power. You will search for what you find. Your heart will help you start and you will be given the power to continue. Your heart and soul are connected to the universal truth, to the heart of the higher power, to God. You can become one as your listen to your heart and pursue truth.

Suffering & Wisdom

Life is about suffering – to live on earth is to suffer.  To live without undue suffering you need to gain wisdom. Wisdom is hard to define, yet easy to see. Wisdom is experience and deep thought combined to see the entire world from a better perspective, a higher view. When you strive to gain wisdom, you see suffering differently. You accept what you can’t change and work to change what you have control over. Wisdom creates patience and encourages effort. Wisdom increases competence and confidence. Wisdom allows you to suffer better and maybe even to suffer well.

The Lie of Fate

One of the biggest lies too many people believe is that a person is not in control of their own life. Fate does not control us. Fate does not control you.

This lie ruins dreams and destroys futures.

Once you accept the lie of fate, you can begin to act on the truth of personal accountability.

How To Eliminate Failure

The story of failure always has two key ingredients:

  1. Selling yourself short or the lack of self-esteem & confidence.
  2. Giving up before your finish or the lack of courage & resilience.

Erasing both of those fundamental mistakes will eliminate 99% of the failure you could ever encounter.

Creating Wisdom

Reading something is not enough. Hearing something is not enough. You must earn the right to the wisdom by understanding it. You must think about it, internalize it, contemplate the reality and implications and meaning. Once you have earned the understanding, then you own it, then it is yours, then you have created new wisdom.