Real Telepathy

Enthusiasm is in reality just telepathy. You are communicating a message directly to someone’s heart and mind without explicitly doing anything but being yourself. No words needed. No writing. No Signs. Just emotion and passion. Enthusiasm is contagious because it is telepathy.

Moral Growth

For any moral issue to have the power to change others, it must be founded first on these four cornerstones: performance, opportunities, people, and integrity. Everything else can build off of those pillars of truth. If the idea is based on results while still focusing on people that have the opportunity to act while being true, then change is possible, then growth is enabled. This is empathy and accountability in action.


The best approach to solving any problem is proactive. It is proactively acknowledging the problem. It is proactively avoiding the temptation to blame someone else. It is proactively thinking about the reasons, variables, and various possible solutions. It is proactively learning from the mistake. It is proactively working toward correcting it.

Your Own Self Image

The ideas and interpretations of others show who they are and who we appear to be. Instead of changing them, change yourself. It is not their ideas that matter, but your ideas. Your idea of who you are, your conception of self is the most important factor. Improve your self-image and your entire world around you changes. Focusing on your own belief is truly how you change the beliefs of those around you about you.