2 Things I Hope No One Ever Has To Go Through [Top 10 Impact Books of 2016]

This year I did two things I hope no one else has to suffer through. I read 103 books. 103. Way too many for my current situation, and I love reading. Also, I attained Diamond Status on Delta. Which means I wasn’t home with my family enough this year.

My goal this year was to read 100 books. I accomplished that goal, it makes me proud to say it.

It makes me foolish for doing it.

I don’t think I am any a smarter or better off than when I only read 50 books a year. I just spent more time reading and less time pondering

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. I am not going to let that happen again. Pondering and doing is more important than reading.

Why I read has changed.

I used to read for myself.

Now I read for others.

I used to read to escape reality.

Now I read to really live better.

I read to help others. I read for my wife. I read for my kids. I read for my colleagues.

For the past few years (2015, 2014, 2013, 2012) I have published my list of Top 10 non-fiction books that have had the biggest impact on me. This year creating this list was much harder, because I had almost twice as many books to choose from as normal. These books were not necessarily new in 2016 (some were), but they were new to me and caused me to me think differently or changed my actions in some way. I hope they can help you as well.

In Alphabetical Order, here are the 10 books that had the largest impact on me in 2016:

  1. The 7th Sense by Joshua Cooper Ramo – This book paints an accurate and timely picture of the world we live in and how it is changing. The book also gives us ways to succeed in the network era.
  2. American Nations by Colin Woodard – You will understand American culture, history, politics, and people much deeper than ever before. Should be required reading for all high school students.
  3. The Art of People by Dave Kerpen – A modern day Dale Carnegie, this book will help you professionally and personally.
  4. The Confidence Gap by Russ Harris – Solid, real frameworks that help counter the root cause of fear. Read this book, apply it and live with confidence.
  5. Guts by Sam Bracken – We all need to live our true selves. This book gives us motivation and actionable insights do to just that.
  6. Mental Toughness For Women Leaders by LaRae Quy – Not just for women! This book from a former FBI agent gives you tools to help you develop your emotional intelligence and overcome mental barriers.
  7. The Only Sales Guide You Will Ever Need by Anthony Iannarino – If your full-time job is sales, you must read this book. You will use it forever. You will need it to become better.
  8. The Outward Mindset by The Arbinger Institute – Stop blaming others. Once I learned and applied the teachings of this book almost all of my personal and professional problems got better. If you only read one book on this list, read this one.
  9. Power Relationships by Andrew Sobel – You can never build too strong of relationships. Usually we don’t build them enough. This book helps everyone overcome personal obstacles in relationship creation.
  10. The Science of Selling by David Hoffeld – Neuroscience is applied to sales professionalism in a compelling manner. A must read for all professionals.

Honorable Mentions: (really wanted to put these in, couldn’t fit ’em though)

Thanks for reading. While this has been just a short list, there are so many more incredible books that I am excited to read in 2017! Jim Rohn said:

“The book you don’t read won’t help.”

What books would you recommend for 2017?