21 Rules of Business for 2021 (What The Most Successful Actually Know & Do)

Here is what 15 years in the “real-world” taught me:

  1. Helping others achieve their dreams is the best way to achieve yours.
  2. Your best investment will always be to take care of those you trust and love.
  3. Nothing is more important than courage. Courage is taking the proper action in the face of fear, grief, or pain.
  4. Never finish tomorrow what you can do today, especially in sales and business. (*all business is sales)
  5. The best leaders are always learning and adapting. They create themselves step-by-step, day-by-day, so that every year they are a new, better version of themselves.
  6. Having a purpose greater than yourself enables you to overcome any setback.
  7. Ask for advice from those you want to become like.
  8. Solve other people’s problems so they have a reason to trust and like you.
  9. Understanding the entire ecosystem and each moving part is key to vision and good decision making.
  10. Sales is about caring so much that you are persistent enough to eventually help.
  11. Learn from mistakes.
  12. The best way to lead is by example. The 2nd best way is through encouragement.
  13. Never let others pressure you to make a decision. Make every decision on your own timetable or not at all.
  14. Teams can solve problems better than individuals.
  15. Learn as much as you can as fast as you can. Make career decisions that allow you to learn and do.
  16. Be true at all times. Integrity eventually always matters.
  17. Analyze with your mind but trust your gut.
  18. Confidence is key to relationships and good decision making. Confidence is not pride. Confidence is knowing who you are and what you stand for no matter what others do or say.
  19. Your true values must never change even if your plan, path, or method do.
  20. The greatest moments of success are often small, seemingly inconsequential choices. Be prepared and stay focused to make the right choice at the right time since you never know which choice will be the one that changes your life.
  21. If you are surrounded by people better than you, you will become better and so will your organization. Focus on surrounding yourself with great talent, integrity, work ethic, and common sense.