3 Ways To Get Better: Inside & Out

(or How To Fix A Relationship)

If you truly desire to become better and create harmony, peace, and trust; then your actions will match your heart: do the three things listed below. 

If you want self-respect (inner respect) which then creates outward or other-respect then do these three (3) things consistently:

# 1 – Go To Bed Early & Wake Up Early 

# 2 – Practice Patience / Control Your Anger (not suppress, not hide, not manage, but true control)

# 3 – Physical Exercise  

Doing these things is the foundation, they create the space and environment for others to trust you (and now you can finally trust yourself). Once trust is in place, then you can build love. 

# 4 – The fourth (4th) step is just to work hard and deliver on your commitments. This is the glue that holds everything else in place. The glue is needed, but doesn’t mean much without the right foundation in place. 

# 5 – Integrity (Honesty to yourself, your values, and to others). 

The Real Deal / The Truth Truth:

Most marriage/interpersonal/relationship problems would be erased if both sides consistently did these simple things.

Doing them shows you care.