“Always, Always, Always Show Up” – Whitney Johnson

dare dream do

Whitney Johnson is the author of:  Dare, Dream, Do – a well-written and motivating book. Whitney is a thought leader who gets to work hand-in-hand with one of the world’s greatest leaders, Clayton Christensen.

Recently, Whitney wrote a blog post that explains the value of not just giving up and having resiliency, but the importance of showing up in the first place. She said:

“…I’ve started to wonder if not giving up is sufficient.  Of course persistence is essential

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. But I wonder if the pluck of true grit embodied by the words “never give up” has morphed into a euphemism for something more fatalistic: I won’t give up… but I’m still sort of waiting to get picked by life’s lottery… We all dream about winning, but it’s the showing up that counts… Dreaming is at the heart of disruption.  Whether we want to disrupt an industry or our personal status quo, in order to make that terrifying leap from one learning curve to the next, we must dream.  The good news is that the causal mechanism for achieving our dreams is always, always, always showing up:  and as we show up, our future will too.” – Whitney Johnson