Common Negative Emotions (Steve Hein)

*Special thanks to STEVE HEIN for this list. 

Common Negative Emotions
Dignity/Respect/Self-Worth Freedom/Control Love/Connection/Importance Justice/Truth Safety Trust
Ashamed Bossed around Abandoned Accused Abused Cynical
Beaten down Controlled Alone Blamed Afraid Guarded
Cut down Imposed upon Brushed off Cheated Attacked Skeptical
Criticized Imprisoned Confused Disbelieved Defensive Suspicious
Dehumanized Inhibited Disapproved of Falsely accused Frightened Untrusted
Disrespected Invaded Discouraged Guilt-tripped Insecure Untrusting
Embarrassed Forced Ignored Interrogated Intimidated
Humiliated Manipulated Insignificant Judged Over-protected
Inferior Obligated Invisible Lied about Scared
Insulted Over-controlled Left out Lied to Terrified
Invalidated Over-ruled Lonely Misled Threatened
Labeled Powerless Misunderstood Punished Under-protected
Lectured to Pressured Neglected Robbed Unsafe
Mocked Restricted Rejected Violated
Offended Suffocated Uncared about
Put down Trapped Unheard
Resentful Unknown
Ridiculed Unimportant
Stereotyped Uninformed
Teased Unloved
Underestimated Unsupported
Worthless Unwanted


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