Getting Offended

The more deeply you know someone, the better you will be at treating them the way they need to be treated.

If you can remember the last time you were offended, you get offended too easily. It is the same with feeling insulted

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. If you get offended, it is your fault. You can have an instant emotional response to everything, but the act of feeling (long-term emotions) offended or insulted is a choice. Getting offended means you place your ego above your true value. The problem is, everyone gets offended. The good thing is, we all have intrinsic worth and we can all remember to focus on others rather than ourselves, and that is how we reduce our own ability to get offended. Additionally, we can all help others get offended less by focusing on how they would feel in reaction to our words.

If you offend or insult someone, apologize and correct the mistake. If someone “offends” you, do not dwell on it and look beyond on your inner ego to your true worth and the true worth of every human.

Focus on what you can control. Focus on your actions and your responses to the actions of others.