Humans Enable Technology

Humans enable technology

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. Sometimes, people get it twisted. All this talk of technology enabling people is upside down. Without humans, technology would be anything, wouldn’t mean anything, couldn’t do anything. Humans enable technology, once we understand that, then true efficiency and optimizations can be found. Humans are the reason sales enablement, marketing automation, and manufacturing optimization etc. even work or have an impact. This partnership then allows humans to do more, to be more, to achieve more. The partnership must be accepted, but not skewed in favor of the wrong side. If technology becomes the ultimate reason, then we have all lost the vision. Software is, of course, eating the world, the world of anything that gets in the way of slow, outdated processes and systems. Humans though, enable that technology. The user experience is still the # 1 reason technology gets adopted and used properly. Better tools are magnified by better processes and humans using those tools the right way. The tools should allow humans to do their job easier with higher visibility, control, and accuracy. Technology driven by proper human interaction is what creates new efficiencies, not the other way around. Humans enable technology.