Pursue Those Who Pursue Their Commitments

Once someone breaks a commitment, virtue is forsaken. All trust is lost, all respect is gone, and the ability to build true relationships is destroyed. There is a way back, and that involves going to back to the original commitment and keeping that promise, that obligation, that duty, that responsibility. 

Commitments are about you, not what or who you committed to. 

Commitments are personal. They are always your choice. People often give excuses about changes of opinions, or beliefs, or the actions of others — yet none of those things matter, none of them have anything to do with you and your willingness and ability to keep your commitment. 

The keeping or breaking of commitments always reveals our true heart and soul. 

People who choose to find excuses and break commitments will always find reasons to justify and explain away the previous commitment based on the new “light/knowledge/ideas” they have found. They will erroneously pretend that the commitments previously made are not really valid since the foundation of their belief, faith, or promise was flawed — and that their logic justifies changing their mind. Yet commitments are not about changing of the mind, they are about preserving the integrity and character of the person, the soul itself. 

The truth is, commitments are not about opinions or the about the other side, they are always about you and your willingness to be a person of virtue and morality, or someone who has no true dignity, ethics, or integrity.