The Best Sales Reps Are Just Plain Lucky

Most successful sales reps are just lucky.

Most successful sales teams are just lucky. 

They are lucky because they seem to work the hardest. 

They are lucky because they seem to be the go-to experts. 

They are lucky because they seem to have the best solutions. 

They are lucky because they seem to know how to help their clients. 

They are lucky because they seem to have the best coaches and managers. 

Sales takes luck. 

Luck takes courage. Courage is doing the right thing at the right time, for the right reasons – no matter the fear, pain, or grief you face. 

Luck is created. 

To get lucky, set goals. 

To get lucky, work hard.

To get lucky, help others. 

To get lucky, study more. 

To get lucky, keep moving. 

To get lucky, become an expert. 

To get lucky, focus on serving others. 

To get lucky, change your environment. 

To get lucky, practice, practice, practice. 

To get lucky, be grateful and show appreciation. 

To get lucky, surround yourself with a great team. 

To get lucky, create emotional awareness and empathy.

To get lucky, never quit. 

The luckiest people are always the most prepared. They are prepared to face challenges and solve problems. They are prepared to serve and lead. Besides listening, asking questions, dedicated practice, industry training, and coaching, the best way to get prepared is to study. If you are in sales or lead a sales team, this is what to study – 

If you are new to sales, study these books first:

  1.  The Outward Mindset by The Arbinger Institute
  2. It’s Time To Sell by Chris Spurvey
  3. The Greatest Salesman in The World by Og Mandino
  4. The Only Sales Guide You Will Ever Need by Anthony Iannarino
  5. Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount
  6. A Mind For Sales by Mark Hunter
  7. New Sales. Simplified. by Mike Weinberg
  8. Sales Manifesto by Jeffrey Gitomer
  9. The Go-Giver by Bob Burg & John David Mann
  10. Give & Take by Adam Grant
  11. Smart Calling by Art Sobczak
  12. The Seller’s Challenge by Thomas Williams & Thomas Saine
  13. Sales Influence by Victor Antonio

If your sales cycle is longer than 6 months, then these are the books to study and master:

  1. It Starts With Clients by Andrew Sobel
  2. Eat Their Lunch by Anthony Iannarino
  3. Gap Selling by Keenan
  4. The Perfect Close by James Muir
  5. Selling From The Heart by Larry Levine
  6. Whale Hunting (both of them) by Barbara Weaver Smith, Jill Konrath, and Tom Searcy 
  7. MegaDeals by Johan Aberg & Christopher Engman
  8. The Outward Mindset by The Arbinger Institute
  9. The Amare Wave by Moshe Engelberg
  10. Same Side Selling by Ian Altman & Jack Quarles
  11. Selling Above & Below The Line by William “Skip” Miller
  12. Sales Differentiation by Lee Salz
  13. How To Get A Meeting With Anyone by Stu Heinecke

If you are a sales leader (VP, Director, etc.) then these are the books to study and master:

  1. Sales Management. Simplified. by Mike Weinberg
  2. Sales Leadership by Keith Rosen
  3. Beyond The Sales Process by Steve Anderson
  4. ProActive Sales Management by William “Skip” Miller
  5. The Intentional Sales Manager by Pat McManamon
  6. The Outward Mindset by The Arbinger Institute
  7. The Sales Manager’s Survival Guide by David Brock
  8. Your Stories Don’t Define You by Sarah Elkins
  9. Brave Leadership by Kimberly Davis
  10. Stop Selling & Start Leading by Deb Calvert, James Kouzes, & Barry Posner
  11. Combo Prospecting by Tony J. Hughes
  12. The Challenger Customer by Brent Adamson, Matthew Dixon, Pat Spenner, & Nick Toman
  13. Revenue Growth Engine by Darrell Amy

Good luck getting lucky!

Also, if you want to read a great book on creating luck, I highly recommend Conscious Luck by Gay Hendricks & Carol Kline.