No Sheep Here – August Written Down

AUGUST 1, 2017 Guiding Lights -Every opportunity is a chance to prove yourself. Every piece of guidance you receive is an opportunity to act. Chances acted upon are the ingredients that make achievement. If you know where to look, and can see the guiding light and choose to take the corresponding action, your chances will turn into successes. Finding the guiding light is hard when you are far away, the closer you get to your destination, the easier it is to see. In order to make it easier to see, find guiding lights along the way. Look for other markers that lead you to the main one.

AUGUST 2, 2017 Rest – Rest. Rest rejuvenates the soul. Rest clears the mind. Rest can inspire and rest can cleanse. Take the rest you need, so you can live the life you want. Never rest your values, never rest your dreams. Rest from the activity that clutters your mind and destroys awareness. Rest from doing, never rest from being. Never rest from seeing.

AUGUST 3, 2017 Spread You Wings – Believe in your greatness

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. Believe in your potential. You are needed. You are loved. Spread your wings, find your mission. Happy Birthday Lucia!

AUGUST 4, 2017 Going Somewhere – Everyone is going somewhere. Where are you going? Are you watching other people take action? Are you watching others go places? Take action and make things happen by creating your own inertia. Find a path, follow it.

AUGUST 5, 2017 Do as Agreed – Do what you agree to. Only agree to what you will do. The best people who find the most success are the ones who do more than expected and especially more than they agree to. Some people are lazy. Some people are entitled. Be better than that and you will find success.

AUGUST 6, 2017 What Can You See? – Everything that is accomplished, is seen first. It is seen by the mind’s eye of the achiever. It is seen in the dreams of the dreamer. When you can see, you achieve. Focus on what you want to be, see it, dream it and then it will be. Help others to see as well, the more you can help others see, the farther you will go.

AUGUST 7, 2017 Worthwhile Work – No matter what you do, it is never done. Yet, it is enough. No matter what you do, it won’t be perfect. Yet, it can be perfect for the purpose. Always take time to look back at what has been accomplished and measure it against the purpose of the project. Is the purpose being met? If it is, then your work is worthwhile. Keep working. Keep pushing. Not for perfection, but for creation.

AUGUST 8, 2017 What You Are Meant to Become – When something is self-serving, it is easy to support. When something is truly just for the benefit of others, very few want to help or be a part of it. Are you the same way? So what do you do to help change this? Make it about them. Make them care by switching the message. You will not change people or human nature, but you can change your message. Helping others is more than just having a good solution, an encouraging message or useful content. It is about finding a way to connect and inspire. It is about finding the truth that is hidden that ends up motivating others to succeed. Creating the life you were meant to have is about the opportunities you take to influence others. By focusing on others, and taking control of your own actions. You can become what you were meant to become.

AUGUST 9, 2017 Aligning Wants – Think about what you really want…. Now, think about what other’s really want. When they are aligned, you will find your greatest success.

AUGUST 10, 2017 Accept Healing – Healing comes from accepting. Until you accept that what you have gone through is real, there is no overcoming. Once you accept it, then you can decide what you can and can’t control. Once you are in full control, it is easier to accept the help of others. Because you know that you are in control, you are not afraid of losing it. Others can help us heal once we accept that we need help. You accept what is and you accept the help from others. Accepting brings healing.

AUGUST 11, 2017 Soft Side – When something is hard, it means the opposite side is usually soft. Get to the other side of your problems and you will find success. Look past your problem and see the benefit of learning now. Learning now means you appreciate the moment while moving toward your goal.

AUGUST 12, 2017 Empty for Now – It shouldn’t be so hard. But it is. It is always hard when you want what isn’t, when you need what was. The understanding is there; it is just hidden. The peace can be felt; it is just dancing away. Look and find, trust and let go.

AUGUST 13, 2017 Freedom Is Movement – Breaking free means breaking down or moving up and letting go or giving in or fighting through. It does not mean staying still. Keep your mind still but your body moving. Freedom is constantly protected for those who move, those who chase it. If you stand still, it will be taken.

AUGUST 14, 2017 Hong Kong-like Memories – Memories line our brains, never leaving. Some are more resilient than others. Memories don’t quit if they truly are memorable. Just like people, strong memories never waver, are always there, always reminding, always present. Fading memories leave when they are not needed anymore, the most important ones never die. Rely on those, you have them for a reason.

AUGUST 15, 2017 Those Who Sell – We all sell, every day. Those who can sell the best are:

  • Calm
  • Patient
  • Deliberate
  • Great at Listening
  • able to Ask Incredible Questions
  • and above all, we must be WILLING to
    • Learn
    • Adapt
    • Change

It all comes down to humility. If you are humble you are able to become the best version of yourself because you will always chase improvement. You will always be searching. Searching for new ways to help you clients, searching for new ways to help your team. Growth is a choice. Success is the sum of all our choices.

AUGUST 16, 2017 Smile Like You Mean It – Smiles are one of the greatest gifts. Smiles are free. Smiles are contagious. Smile. Your outside is a reflection of your inside.

AUGUST 17, 2017 Potential Image – Seeing others as they are will never allow you to see them as they could be. You must train yourself to view others in the image of their potential. All relationships are stronger when each party encourages the best out of each other.

AUGUST 18, 2017 Distracted – Distractions are chosen. Just like trash can become a treasure, what distracts some, might help others focus. Since we choose the meaning of everything in our life, we also choose what distracts us vs what centers us. Tell yourself what you want to belief and your story becomes your reality. Choose to focus and do not “let” anything be a distraction.

AUGUST 19, 2017 Sweet Success – It is the chase and pursuit that defines us. The how as much as the why. The purpose and tactics are much more important than the final result. As we taste success, the ability to achieve becomes stronger. If you endeavor to help others along the way, the success will taste much sweeter.

AUGUST 20, 2017 Joy – Joy cannot be contained. Joy does not allow itself to be bottled up. Joy is felt. Joy is shared. Sharing joy, embracing the joy of others is the way to feel it. The more we feel gratitude for what is, the more Joy will be. Joy comes from appreciating the good of the moment and knowing that what is now, is the way it is supposed to be. The present must be embraced.

AUGUST 21, 2017 Options Created – Passion makes everything better. Excitement is the root of all worthwhile action. When in the moment, anything is possible. If you let the moment pass by, then your options are reduced. When the drive is found, encourage it, use it, keep it, share it. The more activities you pursue with a full heart, the easier it is for your mind to follow. Stop allowing mental roadblocks to limit actions, follow the heart and find the fullness and beauty of life. A passionate life is one filled with vibrant colors. These colors are created by action. Find passion and take action. Create the passion to drive the action.

AUGUST 22, 2017 Complacency: The Secret Slayer – When hope is present, it means that progress is being made. When we aspire to be better, we know we are on the right path. Then we look around and realize that “you know, this is pretty good”. The ultimate temptation is to rest and be content with that progress, that is the killer of potential. Fear has been beaten, yet complacency comes in for round 2. Keep progressing, keep hoping, keep dreaming, keep moving forward.

AUGUST 23, 2017 Refresh – A new start brings fresh hope. A new start brings unlimited potential. Start fresh and stay excited. Whenever stagnation is present, it is time to restart. When we are not moving, we need to refresh our inspiration and revisit our purpose. If a new start is not organic, artificially create one. Change your routine. Change a habit. Call someone new. Do something different. Let the change signal the new beginning. Create the world you want.

AUGUST 24, 2017 Big Obstacles – The more you desire, the bigger your obstacles. It is a rule that always manifests itself as your struggle toward your potential. When the obstacles keep growing, that is a good thing. That means your success is rising as well. Keep fighting. Just because success cannot be seen and the way might not be clear, you have the ability to do whatever it takes it become who you are meant to become.

AUGUST 25, 2017 Connective Force – Connections build reality. As we connect our desires to our actions, our world changes. The changes are what we form. We are the product of our actions, those actions are formed by our decisions. Every decision is created by a strong desire that started as thought. Thoughts create and thoughts hold power. When a thought connects to a desire that connects to a decision which unites with an action, then these connections are the force that directs our existence.

AUGUST 26, 2017 Fix It or Forget It – If something is bothering you, fix it or ignore it. Don’t talk about. Take action first. Discuss the lessons learned later.

AUGUST 27, 2017 Concentrated – Those who can think about one thing for a long period of time solve the most problems. Concentration is a talent and skill. It can be developed. The more we practice thinking and pondering, the easier it becomes. When you read something, think about it. Ponder it. When you have have problem, think about the reasons and the potential solutions. When you commit to thinking, that becomes an action in and of itself. Let that be the first step to guiding you to a better life.

AUGUST 28, 2017 Controlled – Control is what empowers the space in the mind for positive thoughts. Some thoughts limit control and create dependency, some of these thoughts are: Anger, Lust, Envy, Hate, Greed, and Pride. If you want be in control, the first step is to recognize these feelings and then choose to eliminate them. When those feelings are gone, your mind is free to choose other thoughts. Thoughts of hope, love, aspiration, and service are thoughts that lead to joy and fulfillment.

AUGUST 29, 2017 Reactions – While reactions are needed, making sure you are prepared first is a much better strategy. Reacting to situations is not ideal. It is much better to plan and prepare and act and move forward deliberately then to spend time reacting. Take what you have, create your ideal day, week, and month and then fill in the blanks with actions that drive your success. Proactive actions beat reactions most of the time. Don’t gamble with success, just play the odds.

AUGUST 30, 2017 Bird’s Eye View – The road ahead might be broken. It might end and you won’t know what to do. That is when it is important to change your perspective. Look at things from another vantage point. It might be hard to do, but you must stop focusing on your problem, on your obstacles, on your loss. Get the help from others. Change your location, adjust your information. Make the change to see things differently and your view will become greater and your new road much more clear.

AUGUST 31, 2017 Fuel & Flame – Fuel comes in many forms. Sometimes our fuel changes. The flame might change but the heat never does. Keep the fire burning no matter the situation. Keep the flame alive no matter the resources. As you burn to create, as you burn to inspire, realize that your flame can help so many. Never lose sight of your goal. Let the fuel you use adapt but no matter what, keep the fire burning.