Pretending To Understand

Most of us have a hard time learning new things. Especially when what we learned helps us feel good about ourselves. 

Empathy is so judgy!

In order to pretend to know what someone else is going through, you need to judge them and their situation. 

Pretending you understand what someone else is going through is pure arrogance. No one can know what another is feeling exactly, the extent of those feelings, and how those feelings are affecting all previous experiences.  Some people try to label this as a positive ability, as empathy (like: “I am an Empath.” … really?). This is just self-indulgence and pride. A so called “empath” is often just someone who hasn’t learned to master their emotions so those unwanted or unhelpful emotions eventually turn into feelings and then the “empath” deludes themself into thinking they are connecting with someone else. 

Compassion is real. 

Sympathy is real. 

Empathy, be definition, does not exist though. 

Kindness and love exist in the absence of personal judgments. 

Care is love in action. 

The more you care, the less you judge, and the less you worry about the judgements of others.