The Paradox of Performance

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.

We should confront and deny the various paradoxes that (mis)guide our decisions making processes. Understanding the conflicting ideas that we are presented with will lead to greater breakthroughs.  Wanting to perform better leads us to search for hacks that help us accomplish our goals. Sometimes we latch onto ideas that might not be exactly accurate in our quest for increased performance.

Here are 4 Paradoxes to look for:

Conventional Wisdom # 1: Good ideas create success. Paradox: Everybody has ideas. Trying to find good ideas leads to nothing.  Everybody can be creative. Combining the idea with the execution is what creates a winner. In order to create a winner you need to stop focusing on the finish line, but rather the problem to be solved and the journey that you take.

“A great idea is worthless; execution is everything.”
― Matthew Weiner

Conventional Wisdom # 2: Focusing on your-self leads to improvement.Paradox: Focusing on self-improvement does not help you improve yourself. Helping others is what helps you improve. You must focus on helping others grow. You grow by not focusing on yourself but by helping others.

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”
– Napolean Hill

Conventional Wisdom # 3: The more you do, the better your life. Paradox:Doing more means you actually do less. Being busy wastes time. Your focus is not clear, your energy is not concentrated. Your results suffer. Also, the busier we are the less we actually live

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. Living includes realizing the moment you are in and focusing on the current experience.

“There is nothing that the busy man is less busy with then living; there is nothing harder to learn.” – Seneca

Conventional Wisdom # 4: Connecting and interacting with like minded people helps in build strength and character. Paradox: We grow through change. We grow through adversity. Opening your mind to new ideas, to new people, and to new thought patterns is what will lead to all of us being able to combat some of the false teachings that have become so popular today. We grow stronger as we expand our mindset.

“The more closed your network, the more you hear the same ideas over and again, reaffirming what you already believe, while the more open your network, the more exposed you are to new ideas.”
Whitney Johnson