Top 10 Book List 2020 (to read in 2021)

2020 Changed us. 

We learned to care.

We learned that we all deserve to be surrounded by people who care.

We learned that those who care the most always prove it with words and actions.

In 2020 we learned to TRUST. We learned to trust each other and most of all, we learned to trust ourselves.

2020 Changed things.

We think differently.

We see things differently.

We experience things differently.

Because of 2020 we are less materialistic.

Because of 2020 we are relationship oriented.

Because of 2020 we spend more time in nature.

Because of 2020 we are more focused on health and wellness.

Because of 2020 we all care more. 

We care about each other. We care about what we produce and consume. We care about truth and we care about growth.

The more we care, the more we do.

To truly care about someone it includes both emotional and the physical. Caring is when you are physically and emotionally invested. One without the other could be sympathy, or empathy, or even compassion. But to truly care we must emotionally connect and physically do. As we do, we show care. But we must do the right things, we must become the right person. That comes through personal growth.

One way to show you care is by growing. There are many ways to drive personal growth. None are better than doing. Reading though is a close second. As we read we can learn what to do, we can learn how to do it, and that then can help us get the courage to do.

As we read more, we will grow more, which helps us care more. 

Reading helps us fight distraction. Reading helps us prioritize our thoughts and focus on what is real and relevant. Some say to kill your TV, you don’t have to. Just one hour more reading a week can change your life.

Every year I say I am going to slow down. I say that I am not going to read 100 books. Every year my addiction takes over and I read over 100 books.

The best part though is at the end. Each year I reflect on what I have read and then think about the people I know and the people I am close to. Then I put together a list of the books I think everyone should read. These might not be the most popular, or even new, but they are always new to me. These are the books that impacted me and caused me to think in new ways. They helped me overcome problems, helped me help others, or helped do things better. These books have given me valuable insights, support, and ideas. Hopefully, they will help you too.

Last year’s list was pretty powerful. 2020’s might be better.

Here are the TOP 10 Books everyone should read in 2021:

  1. Your Stories Don’t Define You by Sarah Elkins
  2. The Art of Caring Leadership by Heather Younger
  3. Leading the Workforce of the Future by Brigette Hyacinth
  4. Who Not How By Dan Sullivan & Benjamin Hardy
  5. The Inspirational Leader by Gifford Thomas
  6. Together by Vivek Murthy
  7. The Man Who Solved the Market by Gregory Zuckerman
  8. The Vision Code by Oleg Konavalov
  9. The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks
  10. Mr. Monkey and Me by MIke Smerklo

Honorable Mention (should also be in the TOP 10) :