Emotions Run Through You

Separating different buckets of your life is hard. It is hard not let your emotions reflect your reality. When someone offends you and you do not deal with the emotion, your often will in-turn hurt someone else, not on purpose, but because that emotion needs to go somewhere. Embracing emotions means you take the time to dissect them and break them down before you need to move on to your next task or relationship. An easy way to do this is to ask, is what I am feeling really going to be important to me 2 years from now? Will this feeling have any impact on my life then? If not, then you can put the emotion in its proper place and let it flow through you and be done, having run its course. When you do this, you can move on and approach every new person and situation with your best self.

Teams Magnify Results

Everything done in teams is exaggerated. All results are magnified, for good or bad. When teams find success, the results are much stronger than the sum of the parts. When teams fail, it would have been better for the individuals to work alone.

Not Wrong to Change

It is never wrong to change. It is only wrong when your change doesn’t align with your values. Pivot not because you failed but because there is a better opportunity. Change to grow, change to learn, change to develop.

Truth Allows You To See More

Perspectives change. Truth doesn’t. When you fill your mind with truth, it helps you see every situation better. The more you can view the same problem from multiple perspectives, the more complete your decision will be. As you gain more truth and align your wants and desires with truth, you will find your ability to navigate difficult situations greatly increases. This is because you can see more.

Hoping Makes It Real

Hopes create reality. Hope for more and your reality becomes more. When you have hope, you can believe, when you believe you can decide, when you decide you can act. Action creates confidence and truth. Action creates all life. Take action because of your hope and watch your reality change.