Respect More Than Just The Person

The key to success in any relationship is respect. You must respect the person of course, but it is also important to respect their thoughts, ideas, and beliefs.  If you respect them as a whole, then you will value their ideas and options. If you respect their approach and attitude, you will overcome any disagreement.  Respect is consideration and admiration. Respect is kindness in action.

Some Alone Time

As we spend time alone we can feel lonely. We feel lost and try to escape. Yet, there is no escape if we want to understand ourselves so we can help others. As we embrace the inner awareness that comes through patience and focus, our thoughts begin to unscramble and our values and vision become clear.

Growing Traditions

Traditions allow our hearts and minds to unite with others so we can connect. The community feeling of tradition allows us to express our own individualism in a unified and connected process that is safe and accepting. As we find the traditions that inspire our desire, that fuels our learning, we can grow while staying grounded.

Sharper & Harder

Extreme moments of adversity will always push us into needed periods of reflection. These moments are when we decide who we are, what we will do, and what we want to become. The fires of our life are what forge the character of our soul. In these intense episodes, we are confronted with questions that produce clarity. Our true self is brought to the surface so we can fulfill our potential.