Observe Yourself

Each emotion you have is not all you are. Emotions are each only part of you. Your anxiety is not who you are. You fear is not who you are. Your anger is not who you are. Self-awareness is developed in observation. Observing yourself, taking a mental step back to look at how you are acting and the feelings you have. When you learn to observe yourself, then you can coach yourself. We all do better when coached.


Tension or force or pressure is great if we face it. When we run away, or ignore, or hide from it – the consequences get bigger and bigger until something breaks. If you attack the source of the tension, then you determine what breaks, rather than you becoming broken.

Reasons: Catalysts or Excuses ?

Every reason can be a catalyst or an excuse. It depends on how it is used. We have obstacles that can get in our way or they can help us become creative. We judge our own ability and self-worth and that can help us improve and can cause us to quit. We compare ourselves to others, and this can lower our self-esteem or can drive us to learn and grow. We sometimes predict the future and if we predict something negative we just stop trying, or we can predict a positive outcome and watch our world improve.