Top 10 Best Books of 2022

Tearing a couple ligaments in your knee changes your perspective on so many levels.

You learn deeper appreciation for every other part of your body that does work…

You learn deeper appreciation for the loved ones who take care of you…

You learn deeper appreciation for the healthcare professionals who fix you…

You learn deeper appreciation for any amount of progress, no matter how small…

You also learn to accept what is and make the best of it, no matter what that looks like.

Additionally, I read more than I planned.

I tried hard NOT to read 100 books this year… then I tore my MCL and PCL in my right knee, and after the surgery had more downtime than anticipated. For weeks I couldn’t drive the kids around, do chores, go to the gym, train jiu jitsu, do yard work (shame), go shopping, or even go down the stairs… so I sat in my chair and worked and read. Maybe it is what I needed. Either way I topped 100 books again in 2022.

Science and just actually observing other people in real life (the wild) proves that:

•       Reading helps you understand history and cultural context

•       Reading helps inspire hope 

•       Reading helps improve self-discipline

•       Reading helps you imagine

•       Reading helps reduce stress (we could just stop here…)

•       Reading helps you focus

•       Reading helps you write better

•       Reading helps you have deeper and more connected conversations

•       Reading helps build out the skill of practicing empathy

(FYI: Audiobooks count!)

Additionally, the best leaders I know are also readers.

I love reading fiction. Reading fiction has more long-term mental and social benefits. Reading non-fiction though helps us more in the here and now, especially when we are focused on achieving specific objectives and use reading has a tool to help us bridge the knowledge gap. I love reading for the fact that I can borrow the expertise of others to build up my own knowledge, with experiences that I will never have the time to learn all on my own.

Every year I say I am going to slow down. I say that I am not going to read 100 books. Every year my addiction takes over and I read over 100 books.

The best part though is at the end. Each year I reflect on what I have read and then think about the people I know and the people I am close to. Then I put together a list of the books I think everyone should read. These might not be the most popular, or even new, but they are always new to me. These are the books that impacted me and caused me to think in new ways. They helped me overcome problems, helped me help others, or helped me do things better. These books have given me valuable insights, support, and ideas. Hopefully, they will help you too.

2020’s  list was pretty nice, and the list for 2021 might be just as good… and this list for 2022, well you be the judge:

2022 TOP 10 Book List

1.    The Practicing Stoic – By: Ward Farnsworth

2.    Be Your Future Self Now – By: Benjamin Hardy, PhD

3.    The EQ Deficiency – By: Brittney-Nichole Connor-Savarda

4.    Build For Tomorrow – By: Jason Feifer

5.    The Seven Decisions – By: Andy Andrews

6.    How The Scots Invented The Modern World – By: Arthur Herman

7.    Elite Sales Strategies – By: Anthony Iannarino

8.    Humankind – By: Rutger Bregman

9.    101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think – By: Brianna Wiest  

10. How To Grow Your Business Like a Weed – By: Stu Heinecke

Here are 10 more that should also be in the Top 10: (honorable mention)

11. Selling in a Crisis – By: Jeb Blount

12. Your Purpose is Calling – By: Dr. Dharius Daniels

13. The Million-Dollar One-Person Business – By: Elaine Pofeldt

14. Slave No More – By: Paul A. Henderson

15. The Myth of Empathy – By: Trent Selbrede

16. Trust & Inspire – By: Stephen M. R. Covey

17. Anti-Time Management – By: Richie Norton

18. The Go-Giver Marriage – By: John David Mann, Ana Gabriel Mann

19. Mastering The Upsell – By: Victor Antonio

20. The Jolt Effect – By: Matt Dixon, Ted McKenna