Working with a Mentor: Key Items to Remember






Mentoring is a great way to grow for both people involved

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Key Things to Remember About Mentorship and Finding a Mentor:

  • It is not their position, but them as a person
  • There are many types of mentorship, not just based on friendship and personal relationships
  • Do not only look for superiors, but Look to colleagues too
  • Don’t look for someone who is just like you (differences open horizons)
  • Don’t ask for the detailed plan, ask for the tools to create your own path
  • It is a relationship, so it is about Give and Take

If you work hard to find a mentor make sure to do these things:

  • Show Appreciation
  • Do What They Say
  • Provide & Ask for Feedback
  • Always Have Integrity
  • Be Consistent in your actions / words