Every Day Thoughts July 2017

JULY 1, 2017Follow the Signs

We are all searching. When you find what you are searching for, follow the signals you receive. Listen to you heart. Listen to your mind. Listen to what you “see” and what you “feel”. Some signs will come from people you know, or things your read. Follow your heart and your mind will support you.

JULY 2, 2017Dedicated to The Plan

Dedication coupled with planning cannot be beat. When you commit to an outcome and plan to achieve it, and then work the plan, you will succeed. Not because the plan is good, but because when you are dedicated you will find alternative ways to reach your goals no matter what obstacles you face.

JULY 3, 2017Recognize

Being in a beautiful place doesn’t help if you don’t notice the beauty. Take time to notice where you are. Take time to appreciate what you have. Recognize the good in others. Recognize the good in all things. The quicker we show gratitude, the easier it becomes to overcome any obstacle we face. Gratitude allows us the ability to recognize what is real and what is important.

JULY 4, 2017Choices of Freedom

Freedom has a price. The price is the consequence of being accountability for our actions. Every choice we make determines the life we live. Every choice we make determines the way in which we help or hurt others. The price we way is counted by the choices we make.

JULY 5, 2017Dangerous Road

Even when we can see the path ahead of us, sometimes it looks too fast or to dangerous for us to follow. Confidence comes from action. The more we sit, the more we rest, the less confidence we will have . Even if the road ahead looks hard, the only way to get what you want is to take one step at a time.

JULY 6, 2017Real Struggle

Everyone has a struggle. Your struggle may be loud. Your struggle may be quiet. Either way, your struggle is yours because your embrace and accept it. If you do not accept the struggle as real, it does not exist. We all choose what we fight for, and what we fight against. Struggle is real, because we make it so.

JULY 7, 2017Both Kinds of Light

Light comes from within and from without. Embrace both kinds of light. Love what you have and surround yourself with goodness..

JULY 8, 2017Prepare Now

Preparation beats embarrassment. Sometimes preparing is boring or painful. It is never as painful as being embarrassed because you weren’t ready. When you prepare, you open yourself up to more opportunity. New possibilities find you because you are prepared.

JULY 9, 2017Time Value

Your time is only valuable if used. Value can come in many different forms. Accept the value of every moment. Learn what needs to be learned. Feel what needs to be felt. People discuss wasting time, yet that discussion is wasted already. Don’t look at time as something to use or throw away. Look at time as a something of value, your job is the find the value of that time.

JULY 10, 2017Create Relationships

Relationships are about creation. Don’t agree just to have peace. Agree to create peace. Creation is taking one thing and forming it into another. You work with thoughts, emotions, feelings, and the physical to make things change, to influence, and to bring out new life. Creating helps us live, helps us feel live. Create for yourself. Create for others.

JULY 11, 2017The Credit You Earn

If they don’t appreciate you, move on. If they don’t value your contribution, contribute elsewhere. You don’t always get the credit you earn. You only get the credit you earn and demand. Stick up for yourself.

JULY 12, 2017Giving Means Caring

The more you give, the more you can care. The more you give, the more they can care. We all can give more. We all can care more. As we give, we feel better. When we feel better we can become the best version of ourselves.

JULY 13, 2017Ignore Differences

Tastes matter. Preferences matter. You matter. They matter. We are all different. We all have different tastes. It is easy to connect with people with similar tastes. It is harder to feel connected to those we view as too different. Notice the differences so you can serve others. Ignore them so you can connect better.

JULY 14, 2017Hearing Hearts

When you listen, you can hear. When you hear, you can see. When you see and hear with your heart you can feel. Some people need to be listened to more than others. Try to hear them. Try to see them.

JULY 15, 2017Focus Increases Value

When you focus on one thing you learn to appreciate it. When you appreciate what you have you become a better person. When you appreciate relationships in your life your life gets better, you feel more fulfilled. Appreciation comes from focus and from dedication. Learn to love what you have, share your love with those you know, and you will be the person everyone wants to have around. The more you notice and focus on something, the more valuable it becomes.

JULY 16, 2017Joy Is About Alignment

Joy lasts a long time. Pleasure doesn’t. We don’t always do what is in our best interest. Pleasure is tricky. We chase it more than we chase joy, yet it always leaves and never truly satisfies. Joy comes from alignment. Aligning your actions with you dreams and values.

JULY 17 – Structural Changes

The structure is bigger than the process. We grow because of change. Change happens when the process is in place. The structure determines how effective the process is. Learn how to change the structure for exponential growth.

JULY 18, 2017Moving Forward

We are always moving. Sometimes we think we are stuck. If you are stuck, you are really regressing. Change is good as it allows us to pivot. Choose the change, don’t make the change choose you. Choice increases flexibility. Sometimes flexibility can be bad if it stops us from committing. Stay committed to something as long as you are moving forward.

JULY 19, 2017Immense Power

Sacrificing self for others is always worth it when the other values your sacrifice

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. Your worth is incredible. Your power immense. Let your light shine so others can benefit. Do not waste your light. Help those who want to be helped.

JULY 20, 2017Find Your Skills

Skill does not come from being the same as everyone. It comes from being yourself. That includes working on your skills when no one else it. It is easy to work on skills with others, it is much harder to do it on your own. The more you get comfortable working when no one else is, the more success you will find where others don’t. Developing expertise is often lonely.

JULY 21, 2017Knowing

Your questions open the door to real “knowing”. Knowing what the other person dreams, desires, demands. When you know, you can help. When you know you can build connection. When you know you can show love. When you know you can build a better product. The better the questions, the better than conversation. The more you converse, the more you understand, the more you will know.

JULY 22, 2017Follow the Leader

Admiring the good that others do can motivate us to do more good. Learning from the masters helps us become masters ourselves. All actions are predicated on thought. Fill your minds with the best thoughts and your actions will follow. Respect the respectable. Follow the leaders. Doing the little things helps us do the big things. Appreciate the greatness of others so you can become a great one yourself. You already are… let other’s see it.

JULY 23, 2017True Colors

Boldness enables creation. Boldness enables change. Boldness gives voice to ideas. Be bold so you can show your true colors.

JULY 24, 2017Soul of Creation

The only way to make something last is to put real effort into it. Put your heart and soul into the creation. Create with a purpose so your work can help others. As long as your product is valuable, it will stay relevant. The better the product the more likely it is to last and help other. Solve real problems, do good work, focus on the long-term

JULY 25, 2017Big Team Players

Being a team player is always beneficial. No matter how big you are. The more you work with your team, the more success you will find. Being bigger means you have more reason to fail, you have a bigger target, and mistakes are even more pronounced. Working with others spreads out the burden. Help others and they will help you. Strive to give and strive to be a team player.

JULY 26, 2017Real Dreams

Your location matters. Where you are going matters more. What you have done matters. What you are doing matters more. Choose your destination with your current actions. Choose your life with your decisions. Everyone dreams of a better future, few take the action to create that future. A dream does not reality make. Actions with a definite purpose create the reality of your dreams.

JULY 27, 2017Sharing Builds Relationships

Once you know something, share it. Once you feel something, help others feel it. The sharing builds connection. Connection is what build relationships. Learn to share. Experience to grow. Everything we share comes back stronger. Share yourself, let others really see you. When they can see you, then you will be able to see them.

JULY 28, 2017Choosing Persistence

You are capable. Capable of achieving your dreams. Capable of helping others. Capable of creating. All it takes is persistence. If you working toward the right thing, the right goal persistence is an asset. When you are working toward the wrong thing, that type of persistence might build strength but it does not build success. Overcoming challenges is part of persistence. Looking at the big picture and determining what you really want allows you to choose what you will persist at. What you choose to be dedicated to is what determines your entire life. Choose to dedicate yourself to things that give you meaning while helping others.

JULY 29, 2017Consideration

To think about something is to make it real. To consider something means you respect and acknowledge the existence of what you think about. To erase fear, make it not real. Stop thinking about the potential problems, they do not deserve your consideration. Focus on what you can control, focus on what you want to be real.

JULY 30, 2017On Being Alone…

When you are alone, you can breathe. When you are alone you can feel your freedom. When you are alone, you are able to gain control. When you are alone you can begin to understand yourself.

JULY 31, 2017Encourage Yourself

Nothing is as important as encouragement. Encourage yourself first. Encourage others every day. Encouragement allows creation and expressions. Encouragement creates success. When you feel encouraged, you feel empowered. When you feel encouraged, your feel enabled. Encouragement is the medicine for anxiety, encouragement is the solution to fear. Encourage more.


by Mareo McCracken